Sunday, November 4, 2007

Uncovering The Ugly Truth ABout John Hall's New Nuclear Connections

As most of the Anti Nuclear community aimed at shutting down Indian Point is aware of, Green Nuclear Butterfly stirred up a nest of hornets this weekend when we were perceived as attacking one of the stalwarts of the Anti-Nuclear Movement, Congressman John Hall who was the driving force behind the No Nukes concerts almost 30 years ago. If one looks closely at the Defense Appropriations Bill passed by the Congress for 2008, there is a provision in the bill that would make it MANDATORY that all naval vessels of the future be Nuclear Powered. The Three Musketeers in Congress, Maurice Hinchey, Nita Lowey and John Hall all voted for this bill, and thus that provision.

Green Nuclear Butterfly's going public with this information, in attacking the integrity of Congressman John Hall was accused of sacrilege, even treason, and numerous groups and individuals started to instantly disavow and distance themselves from us, and from myself as the publisher of the blog. Somehow, no one seemed upset at the prospect of 300-400 floating nuclear reactors cruising the world's oceans, but instead were/are more concerned with not attacking someone/anyone that could be of help in shutting down Indian Point. Setting aside the hypocrisy of such beliefs, I decided to spend my day today doing a bit of digging to see if perhaps there was more to this vote than first meets the eye.

The logical direction of choice, was to start browsing through Congressman John Hall's PAC contributions. It did not take very much searching (noticed it as soon as the page was opened up) to find something very disturbing. Both Congressman John Hall and Congresswoman Nita Lowey were/are taking money from the "International Union of Operating Engineers (as in nuclear reactors) local 137 out of Briarcliff, NY.

Now, to understand the significance of this find, lets get a bit of a history lesson from easily found facts on the Internet. Most of us all know who CASEnergy is, but for those of you who not, CASEnergy was founded by Christine Todd Whitman and the no longer GREEN Patrick Moore, disgraced co-founder of Greenpeace. The primary funding source for CASEnergy is the entire nuclear industry, and NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute). Among its membership is Jebb Bush, brother of our disgraced Nuclear President, George W. Bush. The Singular purpose of CASEnergy is to push the Nuclear Renaissance agenda, to spread pro-nuclear propaganda out to the masses.

Included in the membership of CASEnergy is every single local chapter of the International Union of Operating Engineers, including our own Local 137. Now, if you believe that John Hall and Nita Lowey are the two most naive human beings to walk God's green earth, you'll see their taking PAC money from this group as nothing more than an oversight, a WHOOPSIE if you will. We see it as far more devious in nature and spirit, as a betrayal of who they claim to be, a betrayal of their promised agenda to SHUT DOWN INDIAN POINT.

International Union of Operating Engineers
CASEnergy Coalition
To verify International Union of Operating Engineers Local 137 in CASEnergy, click here.

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Total 2007-2008 campaign contributions: $4500
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