Saturday, November 10, 2007

Alec Baldwin Goes Through a PHASE...

Alec Baldwin in New York Monday to present medical evidence claiming nuclear power plants cause cancer.

As soon as the announcement of the PHASE press conference on Monday in New York staring Alec Baldwin appeared on list servs, did members of the Know_Nuke Yahoo Group quickly remind us of Alec's tirade (YouTube) to his daughther a few months ago, where Alec, screaming over the phone, called her a "rude, thoughtless little pig."

Alec has done some good work on behalf the anti-nuclear community, but like a few people we know, his short fuse has gotten the better of him on quite a few occasions.

Unfortunately, the spat with his daughter via cell phone happened only just a few days after a clinic symposium Alec co-hosted on behalf the effort to shut down the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in New Jersey.

So here at GNB, we wonder what Alec has in store for PHASE, a new group founded by ex-FUSE USA president Susan Shapiro, in guise of unforseen future media scandals. Not that it wouldn't get Indian Point in the headlines some more, Lord knows we need to land the cover of the New York Post!

Such outbursts, and here's another good one, in 1995 Alec caught celebrity photographer Alan Zanger videotaping him - proceeded to break his nose, then covered his truck with shaving cream, only gives the pro-nuclear camp amunition to discredit our spokespeoples as unbalanced and untrustworthy.

Alec now stars in the TV show 30 Rock on NBC, a comedy series about a fictitious TV show at NBC, at Rockefeller Center, poking fun at itself. This week's episode of 30 Rock was part of NBC's Green Week done in association with GE's Ecomagination campaign, transforming all NBC shows into giant GE green product placements, at times so sirupy, it's enough to make millions of Americans run the other direction.

Al Gore Saves The Whales! Funny, yes, for three seconds... how befitting the last image of the show was a happy face earth caught on fire! The mass media is now doing to the green movement, exactly what they did to the hippies in the 60's... defusing it by making light, keeping the true leaders of the movement far away from the mainstream, playing politics.

Interesting that on one hand Alec and GE are using NBC TV shows as promotional vehicles to hype energy efficient appliances, while on the other hand, GE is working to install hundreds of nuclear reactors in a whole new generation of Navy ships, a bill signed and passed into law by no less that our own Hudson Valley anti-nuclear MUSE co-founder Congressman John Hall!

No wonder Kelly Osbourne ran out of a green benefit in Hollywood screaming: "Who gives a f*** about the environment!" She's expressing a cry of desperation at the lip service celebrities, corporations and politicians have paid the movement. She wants her dad to get back in the saddle, finish the job he started with his bandmates in the late 60's... Which is exactly what the Black Sabbath Resurrection tour will be all about, it's about freakin' time the metal hordes come riding back!

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