Monday, November 26, 2007

Fundamentalist right wing pro-nuke night watchman Iraq Vet Marine nut job takes on John Hall


November 26, 2007

Peekskill – Republican Kieran Michael Lalor Sunday officially announced his intention to seek his party’s nomination for the 19th Congressional District seat now held by Democrat John Hall.
Lalor of Peekskill, served with the Marines in Iraq in 2003.

He said Hall does not represent the people of the district as he believes he could.

“I don’t think John Hall’s views are representative of the 19th district and I don’t think his ideology fits with the people here,” he said. “I’ve lived here my whole life; I know what these people are all about, they are about the same thing I am about – taking care of your families, less government, traditional values and securing the nation from threats around the world.”

Lalor taught at Lourdes High School in Poughkeepsie and is a graduate of Pace University Law School.

Meanwhile, Hall’s spokeswoman, Meaghan Smith, said, “No matter who is running against him, Congressman Hall will continue to do what he has been doing since taking office in January: working hard to solve problems for the people of the Hudson Valley and being an accessible and accountable representative.”

From nyjournalnews comment section:

"Kooky Kieran Lalor, the Pace law school grad who currently works as a night watchman, is going to be quite entertaining to watch campaign. My only hope is that Greg Ball gets in the Repub primary race. Seeing those two crackpot neanderthals go at it will be hilarious."
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Iraq war veteran announces bid for Congress in Peekskill


PEEKSKILL - Kieran Michael Lalor says he wants to send Rep. John Hall "back to Woodstock" come 2008.

In announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 19th Congressional District race, Lalor said the freshman Democrat "wants to spend your glorious tax dollars on hippies."

"When it comes to the people in Peekskill, I'm one of them," Lalor said. "We can't have a leader that is out of touch with 80 to 90 percent of the people here."

Lalor, a 31-year-old Iraq war veteran, is seeking to represent a district that covers Putnam County and parts of Westchester, Dutchess, Rockland and Orange counties. He has yet to file paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission, but he said he would do that this week.

Lalor said Hall was a backer of bill that contained a controversial $1 million earmark to build a Woodstock festival museum. It was yanked from a Senate appropriations bill earlier this year.

He described himself as a follower of "Ronald Reagan's School of Conservatism" and said Hall has no relationship with the traditionally Republican district.

"I'm just like everybody else," Lalor said. "I don't owe any favors to anybody."

Lalor, who served in the Marine Corps, said he would make national security a top priority in his campaign, citing it as the pressing item at "family dinner table discussions" in the district.

"It's no secret we live in a different world after 9/11," Lalor said, tying Iraq to the war on terror. "Success in Iraq will make us a secure country."

Another priority for Lalor will be improving border security. He said Congress has had a lack of will to tackle the issue and said the country should be more aggressive in enforcing its immigration laws.

"Fighting (terrorists overseas) while letting them in over here is a deeply flawed policy," Lalor said.

Lalor also said he opposed abortion and gay marriage. He concluded by saying voters could expect him to run a substantive campaign of "optimism."

The National Republican Congressional Committee has listed Hall's seat as one of many key districts it hopes to recapture in 2008. Hall won the seat in 2006 with 51 percent of the vote, and has raised over $1 million for his re-election bid, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

The National Republican Congressional Committee had listed Katonah businessman Andrew Saul as its top recruit to challenge Hall, but the multimillionaire pulled out last week, citing personal reasons.

Lalor said he hopes for the GOP endorsement as well as nods from Conservative and Independence lines.

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Keiran want to "reclaim our seat in the House of Representatives so it reflects our values, not those of Hollywood elites and liberal extremists."

[[ In otherwords, Keiran wants Hollywood to come calling. Fess up Kieran... you'd love a good choice meaty role in a sturdy war flick! Hey, as far as I'm concerned, you and John Hall can both take the high seas in your ALL NUCLEAR NAVY ships... Planet Destructo Galore! RemyC. ]]

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Green Storm Trooper said...

So, Kieran Michael Lalor wants to run for Congress. First odd thing that pops up, is why is someone who graduated from Pace Law School working as a rent-a-cop at the Entergy facility? Something just does not quite fit there.

Secondly, if he is working at the Indian Point facility, that puts him on the wrong side OF ALL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, though sure Entergy will DIG DEEP to get him money to run.

Family values...let's see, he is against Gay Marriage, which leaves one to he homophobic? Then, he is against a woman's RIGHT TO CHOOSE...God, do his hairy knuckles drag to the ground as well?

Love the way this young whippersnapper out the gate trys to invoke Ronald Reagan...why not drag Anita Bryant back into the fray as well, so he can run on a beat up the gays, and imprison Pro-Choice ballot? He can make up bumper stickers, "Nuke the unborn baby gay whales", and paint himself out as a Green Republican.

Next fall promises to be a lot of fun in the 19th.