Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Refusing To Die When Everyone Wants You Dead

This afternoon I received notice that all of FUSE USA's contentions have been dismissed for an assortment of filing errors. The NRC does not give a rats ass about public health and safety, does not give a crap about the merits of the contentions, they only care about PROCESS, and may the best funded attorneys win. Further, they have their heads so FAR UP THEIR ASSES, that they never even READ FUSE USA's third filing, which was completely different...instead, they read Entergy's pleading, denied it to seem impartial, and then dismissed everything under the guise of keeping a TIDY DOCKET, thus giving ENTERGY EVERYTHING THEIR MOTION ASKED FOR. Yes, as I am sure any one reading this knows, I am now officially PISSED OFF, and getting me OFFICIALLY PISSED OFF means I am going to start being a world CLASS PRICK where both Entergy and the NRC are concerned...they can choke on their rules as far as I am concerned.

A part of me blames myself...I should have known better than to trust anyone but myself to do the filing. I was talked into believing that a former nuclear industry expert, and a licensed attorney knew better, allowed myself to be convinced that having FUSE USA documents filed by an attorney LOOKED BETTER, gave us more legitamacy as an organization. Maybe if your attorney had a FREAKING clue this all might be true, but enough of that, what is done is done. I should have stepped in when the first filing prepared and put together by Ulrich Witte and Susan Shapiro was found to have significant shortcomings in it. Instead, I continued to move forward on other contentions, continued to do research instead of stepping in and demanding to take over the process of fixing the problems.

I have no choice but to reshuffle the cards, pull up everything that has been filed, review it one page at a time, and rework, reprint and refile it all because Entergy and their FUCKING hot shot attorneys have no hearts or souls, but are only interested in doing what ever it takes to win License Renewal for Indian Point, public health, safety and the environment be damned, as that is what they are handsomely paid to do...FINE, this is WAR.

They won the first round, had all of FUSE USA's months of hard work dismissed on technicalities by the fucking Atomic Safety Board judges that suck the ass of the nuclear industry. NRC employees acting as judges...what a FARCE. If the board, and Entergy think they are keeping FUSE USA, and me out of this, they are SADLY mistaken. We will have contentions filed by the deadline. As for those in the Close Indian Point camp who don't like my tactics, who think I am a little rough around the edges...just do me a favor, and stay the hell out of my way.

Trust me, when the filings go in, the NRC will have their Certificate of Service, their notice of appearance, and everyone will get a copy of every GOD DAMN PAGE of EVERYTHING WE FILE. Further, there will not be someone acting as a buffer between Entergy and me as a stakeholder in the community. Entergy and their Park Avenue hot shots can deal with me, a dumb old farm boy, their INDUSTRY EXPERTS will answer my questions under cross examination. When the dust settles, Entergy may win their precious License Renewal, but not without the biggest fight that has ever taken place in a License Renewal Application.

I read the rules, and no where in them does it say STAKEHOLDERS have to be represented by an attorney at law...let the games begin.

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