Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nukes in new issue of Sleek magazine

SLEEK magazine
Issue 16
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"Rather than delivering his environmental message with a sledgehammer of ugliness, Jürgen Nefzger chooses to frame his photos of atomic plants in scenes of beautifully lyric everydayness. the message, however, still comes through loud and clear."

The rest of the issue is dedicated to garbage, using dumps as backdrops for fashion shoots!

"What with global warming and environmental meltdown taking centre stage in the world’s consciousness, it’s perhaps no surprise that so many artists are drawing such rich inspiration – a virtual art goldmine, as it were – from the garbage dump, then literally bringing their trash into museums and galleries everywhere."

"in a world drowning in its own trash, you might as well go down with style and a lot of colour. Photographer Alfredo Piola shows that even trash – with the right fashion and accessories – can be fabulous."

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