Saturday, December 8, 2007

Editorial opinion-Life Long Civil Service Lackey Lawrence G. McDade

Looking at the Hitler Like, dictatorial rulings coming out of the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board as relates to the Entergy License Renewal, it seemed only appropriate to see who was running the show, get a better grasp on the SUPER EGO of the man that sees himself as GOD of the Board if you will. So, we started looking into Judge Lawrence G. McDade, and lots of things are beginning to make sense. His life path paints a picture of a man who places adherence to the rules and regulations as he sees and/or interprets them important above all else, his military experience giving him a false belief that he is ENTITLED to respect by mere virtue of who he is, and what he represents...WRONG.

The man, from what we can see, has been sucking on the teat of the American Tax Payer his entire adult life as he has honed his radical right wing Catholic Brand of military style justice, content in his safe little protected civil service ivory tower, playing the part of someone important when in fact he is not. He has his gavel, perhaps even his gowns, but it seems obvious he has little heart, and no idea what JUSTICE really stands for in America. To him, as a long term civil servant, it is all about the rules, all about the bureaucracy. Being a judge is supposed to be about JUSTICE, correcting wrongs, and when necessary deciding that certain rules and regulations as written are unconstitutional, and handing out justice means setting them aside. NOT OUR DEAR MR. McDADE, he's a law and order guy all the way.

His entire adult life screams of a soul that MUST HAVE ORDER above all else, rules of law and life (as defined by his Catholic God?) far more important to him than originality, fairness or justice. It would not be a surprise to find out his nickname is Nilla Wafer, or Mr. Vanilla. Cross your T's, dot your I's and say three Holy Mary's before bed because that is God's plan. Look in the dictionary under the word boring, and it would not be surprising to find a picture of our dear Mr. McDade.

He graduated from a Jesuit College, not once but has to wonder just what his affinity was in spending so much of his early life around members of the Catholic Priesthood.

From there, perhaps afraid of the real world, or perhaps unsure that he had the metal to go out and build a REAL LEGAL CAREER, he went into the Army...or perhaps, that was his plan all along, his college bill paid for by the America Tax Payer compliments of some ROTC program that he wrapped his arms around, while at the same time choosing a military career path that would keep him OUT OF HARMS WAY...the old COLLEGE DEFERMENT ploy to avoid the draft and being sent off to Vietnam? As church lady would say, "How Convenient" though we are speculating here, as there is not a lot of information easily gleaned on our dear Mr. McDade which leaves us only speculation. He seems to have been a part of the great gray mass, moving through life without much note of distinction, his name barely mentioned in a few unimportant legal cases found online. Just another civil service lackey content to have a government paycheck arriving in his hand every other week.

Once out of the Army, he became a DOUBLE DIPPER, taking a job with the Department of Justice while also serving as a Judge in the Army Reserves. In short, it appears this man has been paid with our taxes his ENTIRE ADULT LIFE, never held a job out in the real world, the perfect example of the American Peter Principal in action, a civil servant climbing up the ladder of government until he reaches his own personal level of incompetence. Now, as a Judge on the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, reaching the zenith of his incompetence he believes he has the right to DEMAND RESPECT, and the authority to play God from the bench in a quasi legal action by throwing a stakeholder out of the process for stating what they percieve to be and absolute truth. That the board is a rubber stamp, the process biased, the board members Pro Industry Pricks.

We are sure he RUNS A TIGHT SHIP, those who follow the rules, and give him the level of respect he thinks he deserves always coming out on top when he hands down his decision from on high...can we have a HALLELUJAH and Thank You Jesus from the Entergy Crowd? Wonder if any one has ever told the man that an organized garage is the sign of a sick mind? After all, what kind of a sick soul places his own ego, and self perceived respect for his position on the court ahead of Public Health and Safety?
OH MY GOD, a citizen, a stakeholder living three miles from Indian Point called me a name, I WANT AN APOLOGY RIGHT NOW, or I want him out of the process. Talk about being a Mommy's Boy! Such action leads one to believe he as a child would take his ball home if other children would not interact on his terms. We here at GNB are sure his Mom is quite pleased with Mr. McDade and his perfect little Catholic life. Couple all this with the fact that the Engineers involved in the process tend to dismiss anything from any one that cannot speak to them in their language, and it becomes easy to understand how the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board can look at 49 License Renewal Applications and GRANT EVERY SINGLE ONE.

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