Friday, December 7, 2007

a soldier for the dark side of the force!

Our friend and colleague, John LeKay, artist and activist on behalf of Native American issues, on the advisory board of FUSE USA, just released a video interview with Benny Zable, Australian anti-nuclear performance artist, and myself, shot one day this August.
If I look worn, tired, drained, a walking corpse, it's because I was horrifyingly sick that day... It had been a great effort for me to drive to Peekskill to participate in this action with Benny. I've been suffering from chronic Lyme disease since 1984, many in the pro-nuclear camp will be glad to hear. So if people wonder sometimes why I get so stiff, so useless, it's because the pain just becomes intolerable.
Another friend of ours, Jon Nowinski, also on the advisory board of FUSE USA, has done considerable research on the provenance of Lyme disease, which we are now certain came from Plum Island off the coast of Connecticut. I urge you to read his research. This is another facility which desperatly needs to get shut down before it takes us all along with it!
Yesterday, I attended the lecture given by Andrew Shapiro at Yale (why does the last name Shapiro come up so often in the context of my life?) who founded GreenOrder with monies from Wetlands, the environmental nightclub I helped put together in New York with Larry Bloch. But Andrew never asked me to join the board of advisors. Instead, he used his ivy league pedigree to court and greenwash major corporations, like GE.
In the late 60's GE developed a state of the art electric car. Ralph Nader was involved in the project. But GE decided not to pursue the idea because they didn't want to go into competition with their number one customer, GM.
Today, while GE used the EcoMagination campaign GreenOrder developed for them to sell a few solar panels and wind turbines, it's getting ready to put hundreds of nuclear reactors at sea for an ALL nuclear Navy.
GE brings good things to life... I remember taking the ride through the GE pavillion during the 1964 World's Fair in Queens... It never left me... this complete disconnect between nature and technology. I live in Fairfield County. I've met many GE executives... they have not changed. They're all stuck in a 1950's time warp, in the way they think, they dress and view the world. Anyone who still doesn't understand the relationship GE has with this country, should read Gravity's Rainbow.
I guess Andrew should be commended for the little GreenOrder accomplished at GE, but to me, that's just perpetuating the misery, giving GE another lease on life, so the bulk of the atrocities they wreck on this Earth continue unimpeded.
Sorry, Andrew... but you're just a foot soldier for the dark side of the force, a Palm Beach socialite, no matter how many coats of green paint you schlack on their facade! And you used Wetlands to get rich doing it, without putting anything back!

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