Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jim Steet's Plays Duck and Run on WVOX Radio

Today at HIGH NOON Jim Steets appeared on WVOX. The first interesting event was the Pro-Entergy propaganda commercial that ran on WVOX before the show aired. Jim Steets commentary was fairly simple to follow, and went something like this, "Lie, lie, twisted fact, lie, I just don't know, lie." It was not until the very end of Mr. Steets time on the show that some fire works flew. It is no wonder he has been nominated for a BAA.

Enter our own Sherwood Martinelli, director of FUSE USA and his hard hitting questions that once again Jim Steets ducked before running out of the WVOX studio.

The questions...notes on Mr. Steets Duck and Run answers provided below them in red.

Entergy in their Environmental Report states twice that Indian Point is LEAK FREE. Yet we know there are numerous leaks. Most pointedly, earlier this fall a leak was discovered which you, Jim Steets stated the leak was a small hairline conduit leak. In fact, the leak based on a review of plant drawings is believed to be a leak in the fuel transfer canal. How do you reconcile the claim in your License Renewal Application that the plant is leak free with all the known leaks at the plant?

Mr Steets failed to address the basic question. How does Entergy reconcile their claim in the License Renewal Application that Indian Point is leak free with all the known and unknown leaks on the site? Furthermore, he quietly ALL BUT ADMITTED there is a leak in the Fuel Transfer Canal. Lastly, he trotted out the patented pin hole and hairline crack descriptors. The Spent Fuel Pool hairline crack (we have a photo) is over NINE FEET LONG.

Entergy in their application claims there are no refurbishment issue envisioned for the plant for the period of License Renewal, or in anticipation of license renewal. Yet, Entergy has new reactor vessel heads on order with scheduled installation for 2011 and 2012. Why has Entergy omitted this and other significant refurbishments from the Environmental Report?

He tried to duck this one, but again all but admitted there are plans afoot to replace the Reactor Vessel Heads at Indian Green Nuclear Butterfly and FUSE USA knew they would, Jim Steets tried to portray the Reactor Vessel Head replacements NOT AS REFURBISHMENT, but as a SIMPLE PART REPLACEMENT. Trust us folks, this is the largest REFURBISHMENT there is, and there is a reason they do not want it in the Environmental Report during License Renewal.

The NRC has admitted that in a fast breaking emergency or terrorist attack at Indian Point, the Emergency Plan will not work, and citizen would be ordered to shelter in place. Why has Jim Steets refused to answer the question, how long would it be before citizens started feeling the effects of Hypothermia if we were ordered Sheltered in Place during a winter snow storm.

Again, Jim Steets, after trying to paint the scenario as unrealistic refused to ANSWER THE QUESTION on the effects of Hypothermia. Worse, he tried to paint a picture that they want us SHELTERED IN PLACE in OUR NICE WARM HOMES. Look at the Emergency Plan folks! If ordered to Shelter in Place, we are told to TURN OFF OUR FURNACES, and TO SHUT ALL FLUES AND DAMPERS.

Lastly...why has Entergy refused to make publicly available their off site environmental monitoring test results.

Unfortunately, we got cut off before we could get this question asked, so Jim Steets got a pass on it.

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