Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Green Scrooge Christmas!

This morning I went out to get the NYPost... The only place that sells it on Christmas day are the Pakistani variety stores cause they're muslims, and they could care less about Jesus or Satan Claus.

As I bend down to pick up the Post, which let's face it, it's Murdock, all he cares about is selling papers, he'll push his editor to write pro-nuke editorials, while praising the LED tree in Rockefeller Center, knowing darn well LED spells the death throes of Entergy.

That's why I love the Post... because the headlines are so right wing, brash and stupid, but inside each issue you find a new clue as to where the liberals need to go to win... It's been a wonderful subterfuge, like hidden secret messages in the want ads so International spies, out to destroy America, can meet under the cover of darkness to do their drop.

So I stand back up, and I got Kate Hudson beaming me a huge smile from the cover of VOGUE.. with the headline, Let The Sun Shine In. I go wow, VOGUE's finally gone solar, this nearly 17 years after I pushed them into doing a seven pages article on the environment!

But, nah... again my imagination got the best of me... It's just about Smart Ways To Brighten Your Look... wishful thinking... VOGUE... virgin paper, millions of dead trees, petroleum based inks, toxic cosmetics, slave labor... Conde Nasties. One green issue of Vanity Fair a year... Leo and Summer Rayne... their token green queen, keep the dogs at bay. SUVs... sell more crap to the masses.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fashion... I'm a fashion whore... I grew up in a world of fashion... I just feel fashion should be about setting trends... breaking ground, looking fabulous... inspired, inspiring... sublime, challenging, provocative, a sign of the times... not rehash last year's mall brat fad!

Today, ELLE and VOGUE, who may have been on the cutting edge of my mom's generation, are prodding relics of a world gone by, which is dragging humanity down into the dregs of peak oil.

I'm reading this amazing book by Kathleen Taylor called "Brainwashing" and in it is this:

"When acting autonomously, humans are selfish and free; their actions are controlled by them and serve their needs. If society were entirely composed of such independent units, life would probably approach Thomas Hobbes's famous vision of the state of nature: 'solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short'. Milgram argues that the very act of coexisting in the same territory requires such units to limit their own selfish behaviour; they must learn, for example, not to attack each other."

I'll let you read the rest on your own... bottom line, fear begets fear. The other day, I'd scheduled a shoot to promote a product I sell online with a young local model... too young as it turns out... who upon meeting me for the job, had her mother in tow, but didn't tell me I had to prepare for that, or explain her mom a thing about who I was or what the job was about.

So I'm totally not ready to retrace everything I was planning in detail again... I'm sick, my lime's been acting up, all I can think about is that if I was under medical care, they'd probably have me shot full of morphine... try explaining that to a terrified mom, that her daughter is about to spend a couple of hours with a leader of the anti-nuclear movement... who has little or no patience anymore for green newbies of any kind!

Obviously all she saw was a potential mass murderer... I realized right then and there that nothing I could say or do would change anything. Society had bred her to be this way. Every man a predator after her sweet little daughter's honor. No wonder they pay photographers a lot of money... dealing with all these emotions is so taxing... it's such a waste of time and energy... that's fashion.

So in situations like these, the only thing left to do, is make things worse... heck, if she has me investigated, it's all that much more publicity for me and Rock The Reactors! Boo! Now run along... come back when you're ready to deliver a scene. Don't waste my time!

VOGUE... fueled by the likes of modeling agencies like Elite and Ford, who for years... have robbed the cradle of junior high schools... filled these young girl's heads full of shallow dreams, cutting them off from the world, just so they could use their looks to market the fall of modern civilization. Look what's happening to Britney Spears... a girl who had an ounce of talent... who was surrounded by the best producers and musicians in the business... who performed some of the hippest pop tunes of her generation.

Kate Hudson is smiling from the cover of VOGUE... and the whole world is melting... somatose... Fashion should be about survival, vanquish, glory... it's not for nothing the words fashion and fascist have the same root source... if you look at alternative fashion magazines, the ones you DON'T find at the check out stand of Stop & Shop, but in the trendy boutiques of quartier chic... you'll see where all this is going.

It's always been about light and dark... good and evil... but when good is sad and evil smiles... we have a situation... the start of a new trend... a new look... a blend of things... who will emerge leader of the pack... showing the direction home? That's fashion. Something that burns bright in your heart... tells you it's good... good for you, good for the planet... not simply the perpetuation of old ideas that don't work anymore, keep fat cats fat, and you piss poor.

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