Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nuclear Power Causes Leukemia

In a recent German study, there was a causal link shown between a child's distance to a nuclear reactor, and leukemia. We have all for years suspected, and the government is finally admitting that the production of nuclear energy causes cancer deaths in the local community. The NRC plays down this fact by claiming the risk is within ACCEPTABLE LIMITS. Tell that to the families who pay the price of losing a loved one.

I bring this up, as there was an article published in Connecticut wherein the parents of a young woman who died of bone cancer decried the claim on that the local nuclear plant might have played a contributory part in the death of their daughter. There is a chance that such a claim is true, just as there is a chance that Millstone is a contributory factor in many of the stillborn deaths that occur in the area.

Margaret and David Beacham's daughter, Erin, died at 23 of bone cancer, and through their attorney, they have issued a statement denying any correlation between their daughter's Leukemia and the aging, dangerous Millstone Reactor. It seems doubtful that the parents could absolutely know this for fact, as the nuclear industry routinely takes advantage of the fact that often times, there can be more than one potential causal source for a person's cancer. As example, former DOE employees with cancer, have to show there is a greater than 50 percent chance that their employment in the nuclear industry caused/contributed to same. There is anecdotal evidence that a woman's proximity to a nuclear reactor can increase her risk of giving birth to a stillborn child by as much as 25 percent. Other anecdotal evidence shows that cancer rates drop significantly in areas surrounding nuclear reactors when said facilities are shut down and decommissioned. Seems to us, that the time has come for our government, for the NRC to spend whatever it takes to create a Nuclear Cancers National Registry, and to perform extensive Health Studies in every reactor community in America. As example, we here in the community surrounding Indian Point find it odd that Entergy is spending considerable sums on off site Environmental Monitoring, but will not make the results public.

Mothball Milestone from what GNB can gather did not state that Erin's cancer was caused by Millstone, but did point out that her Leukemia could be linked to the radiological contaminants from the site. It seems, that such a statement is probably true, and that there is a good chance that close proximity to said nuclear facility may have contributed to, or increased the risk that the Beacham's child could contract such a deadly cancer. WE would suggest, that without proper health studies, and a National Registry, we just don't have enough information available to rule out Millstone as a contributing factor in many still born deaths, and many cancers, including Leukemia in our children, and breast cancer in women.

Families Decry Anti-Nuke Web Site
Kin of deceased listed on Internet say deaths not radiation-related

By Patricia Daddona , Published on 12/23/2007

Lisa and Leonardo Blanco's 7-month-old son, Collin, died last year when his walker rolled down a driveway into a trailer towed by a pickup truck.

Margaret and David Beacham's daughter, Erin, died at 23 of bone cancer.

Fred and Dorothy Weaver are pursuing a medical malpractice claim over the death of their infant son, Damarius, who died the day he was born.

Lisa Blanco of Gales Ferry, Margaret Beacham of North Stonington and the lawyer representing the Weavers, who live in New London, said this past week that those deaths had nothing to do with radiation exposure from Millstone Power Station.

The Web site of an anti-nuclear group,, had suggested these and three other deaths “may be linked” to such emissions. That segment of the Web site was taken down two weeks ago.

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