Tuesday, December 25, 2007

He Passed On His Birthday

I just received the news...

My Father (who, to be perfectly honest, I'd thought had already passed) who was born on Christmas Day passed away today at 2:00 PM in Springfield, Ohio. God's speed in passing, and may the next life be kinder to you than this one.
It's odd...having a hard time drumming up the emotions that I am sure I am supposed to feel at this time. One thing for sure...he'll be pissed off knowing that God (or as he referred to him, Lou) did not let him hang around until January 8th to see his beloved Buckeyes in the National Championship game...he always did love his Ohio Sports.

Sure three of my four siblings already know about this, especially since one of them passed along the news via this blog in a comment...says a LOT about my family. Probably the only one not to have heard so far (maybe) is my little brother...though sure my sister is reaching out through the right channels to let him know. Wonder if Dad, and my older brother admit a certain shared guilt, have owned up to their part in Karl's being in prison out in Arkansas?

When the issue of Dad's temper came up, he said he did the best he could. When the topic of my older brother came up, he said he wished he'd known. Suppose we kids should all take some solace in that. Leave it to Dad to screw things up even in passing...Dies on CHRISTMAS DAY so every year, we cannot help but think about him...have to give him credit for one thing, he always had great timing, knew when to deliver a punch. Thanks Dad........

Gerald Hamilton Bauman-Died December 25th, 2007 at 2:00 PM.

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