Sunday, January 20, 2008

NRC's Allegation's Division, "The Ignorant Fuck's Club" IFC

I know, I have no manners, am raw and confrontational...after all, who am I to call the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board a bunch of pro-nuclear industry pricks...truthsayer pops quickly to mind, but obviously, some will disagree. Well, lets just add insult to injury, and let the NRC's Secretary and full commission known that their folks handling allegations seem to be a bunch of ignorant fucks that need to take their heads out of their asses and see the forest from the trees.

OH MY GOD, what is Sherwood prattling on about now you might ask? Allegation NSIR-2007-A-0013 (RI-2007-A-0134)

Over the course of this past year, I have enlightened the NRC about certain PROBLEMS within the industry, and at Entergy's FAILING Indian Point facility...such as, and as example the reactor vessel integrity test that Entergy figured out a way to cheat on. Another thing I brought to the attention of the NRC was the fact that EPRI's cache of documents that are supposed to be well guarded are not. Granted, I disagree with documents paid for in part by our taxes being kept from us, but that being said, still feel that certain documents should not be as readily accessible to the public as pornography is, but such is the case with literally 1,000's of EPRI documents, and the NRC seems bent on ignoring this reality, or too stupid to do a proper investigation.

The NRC on December 13th sent me off a letter basically dismissing a bunch of my allegations due to lack of evidence...more appropriately, they dismissed them because they are A) lazy, B) stupid, or C) covering up known industry mistakes, or D) a combination of all of the above. In their letter, they explained to me that they had taken a look at EPRI's PUBLIC WEBSITE, and come to the determination that there was nothing there of any interest, nothing there that citizens (or terrorists from other countries) should not be allowed to see...never mind that their visit to the public sight completely MISSED what my complaint was about.

Resisting the urge to simply call the investigators a bunch of anal retentive MORONS, on December 27th, 2007 I gave the NRC a courtesy call, letting them know they had missed the boat, were wrong in their conclusions, and again stated to them that their were large caches of EPRI documents that anyone with a brain (which leaves most NRC employees out of the loop apparently)could easily locate and download from the internet. I even gave them a thumbnail view of how it could be done, and suggested that they revisit their conclusion.

Well, today I got a letter back from one Gregory C. Cwalina, Senior Allegation Cordinator, in which he again gets it ALL WRONG, but not surprisingly DEFENDS the NRC investigators findings, stating again that they visited EPRI's PUBLIC SIGHT, and found nothing amiss. So, I will now tell Gregory C Cwalina, the entire Allegation department, and the NRC folks are a bunch of MORONS. You do not NEED a password to access private sections of the EPRI site, DO NOT NEED a PASSWORD to go in and download sensitive documents that are clearly marked they should not be made available for export, and you do not need to go through the EPRI normal access portals and protocols to look at, see, view and download said documents, and any averagely intelligent person with any creativity, and the ability to conduct a GOOGLE search can find and read these documents.

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