Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stolen Concert HUGE SUCCESS? Back Patting Beginning

So, two days after the Ani DiFranco/Pete Seeger Concert in Nyack, the artificial back patting and congratulations have begun as everyone sings the praises of Susan Shapiro and Maureen Ritter, while desparately trying to avoid the real subject of the it true that Susan Shapiro STOLE a FUSE USA fund raising event? Even more disturbing, was the plan all along to use Sherwood Martinelli's talents then throw him overboard because of his politically inappropriate and untimely attacks on politicians like Susan Shapiro's Congressman John Hall?

First, the concert...SOME BASIC FACTS:

1. The concert in Nyack was to have been a FUSE USA fund raising event. In fact and deed, Ulrich Witte himself has to admit to the truth of this. He banked his decision to come to work for FUSE USA on our ability to bring this fund raising event home as it were.

2. Both Pete Seeger and Ani DiFranco were committed to the event LONG BEFORE SUSAN SHAPIRO left FUSE USA.

3. Hate to BURST SUSAN's bubble, but if you were to do the honorable thing, you would admit to everyone that Remy actually suggested Ani quite some time ago to be specific, he first brought her to your attention the day we had our meeting with the NRC, and you commended him on such a good idea. Now, granted, there were only three people in on the parking lot conversation as Susan Shapiro knows, but two of them are both in agreement on the facts, and I have no real reason to support Remy's contentions on this issue, so the readers can draw their own conclusions.

In short, no matter how Susan Shapiro, Maureen Ritter and Michel Lee might like to portray events that occured between October 15th and November 7th when they all resigned from the board of FUSE USA, one thing is certain. Friday nights concert was, and may still be (legally in a court of law) a FUSE USA fund raising benefit, but there is a real good chance that issue will be decided by attorneys, or perhaps by judges and/or a jury at some future date and time. For now, we merely point out, that the event was arranged as a FUSE USA event, and in fact and deed, Ulrich Witte, unless he is willing to perjure himself, knows that Susan Shapiro confirmed to both he and I via emial that Ani DiFranco had agreed to perform for the FUSE USA fund raiser. In fact, he told me personally on the phone the day we got the news, that his fiancee (former?) was a HUGE FAN of her's, and would probably buy 15 tickets herself for the event.

Was it the intention all along for Sherwood Martinelli's talents to be harvested to benefit the Close Indian Point movement, then cast him aside as being to controversial. Was Susan Shapiro being cagey from the onset with Sherwood, was the fund raising event designed from the onset in such a fashion that she could steal away when she and the rest of her crew BOLTED FUSE USA? If not, how was it then that she was able to move everything so quickly into her name, and basically CUT FUSE USA out of the process? As the old saying goes, enquiring minds want to know. This subject, where Sherwood Martinelli stood in the process while he dedicated thousands of hours of his time to the movement is worthy of a LONG ARTICLE that is being written, and will soon be published on this is one thing to peak your interest.

It is suggested here, that News Reporters ask both Congressman John Hall and Susan Shapiro about the private deal that was made to get Sherwood Martinelli to dismantle his Congressman John Hall Blog, to delete it from the internet. I'll remind both Susan Shapiro, and Congressman John Hall right now, that said removal of my blog was done based upon a promise...a promise that right now is not being kept, a promise made by both Susan Shapiro, and Congressman John Hall himself.

Word of the day...tape recorder.

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