Thursday, January 24, 2008

STop License Renewal-Back Door Actions. File Your Own 2.206 Petition Today

Let us not kid ourselves...we have Entergy and the NRC on the ropes, and have our best shot ever of stoping a License Renewal Application for Indian Point. We now need citizens to join in the fight by taking a SIMPLE FREE this entry all over the web, if you live within 50 miles of Indian Point, file your own 2.206 Petition against Entergy's failing Indian Point, and their NON WORKING SIRENS!

Many of you may not be aware of the fact, that FUSE USA and myself had filed a 2.206 Petition on this very issue, and that the NRC held a hearing via phone with FUSE USA (with Sherwood Martinelli acting as spokesperson) on December 21st, 2007. Just guessing here, that a part of this proposed fine is an off shoot of our/my successful Petition...a petition by the way that we are now working on amending based on the latest information about corrosion of said alarm system. What we are trying to ascertain, was A) did our petition push the NRC to levying this fine and the amount of it, and B) since the commission has promised enforcement action as relates to our petition within 120 days (from February 4th) can we actually expect ADDITIONAL FINES on the siren issue?

Fact...the sirens are our communities FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE. If there is a significant incident or terrorist attack at Indian Point, the sirens defacto are our only line of defense.

If thousands of citizens in Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess, and Orange county were to swamp the NRC with their own email 2.206 Petitions on said sirens, demanding that Indian Point be shutdown until the sirens are up and functioning, I believe we could actually be successful in forcing at least a temporary shut down of the facility, thus costing Entergy $3 million a day...that would be an adequate fine for not having properly functioning and maintained sirens from our perspective.

To file your own 2.206 petition is actually very simple. You state in a letter to the Secretary of the NRC that you are filing a 2.206 Petition seeking IMMEDIATE enforcement action. You explain how you are being negatively impacted by the new siren system not being up and running properly, you point out Entergy's numerous failures to abide by previous NRC orders on this issue, and then you ask the secretary to shut down the plant and suspend Entergy's license to operate until the sirens ARE IN FULL COMPLIANCE. That is then email it to: FACT...if we as a community SWAMP the NRC's staff every time there is a new problem or leak at Indian Point, if every time Entergy turns around the NRC is receiving THOUSANDS OF EMAIL COMPLAINTS via 2.206 petitions, we can seriously impact the thought process going on related to the license renewal of Indian Point.

FACT-every leak, every sleeping guard, every failed siren is a LEGITIMATE REASON to swamp the NRC with more 2.206 Petitions. We have 21 Million people living within 50 miles of Indian Point...imagine the bottle neck if suddenly everytime there is a violation at Indian Point, just one percent of us (210,000) sent off an email 2.206 Petition to the secretary's office! Go listen to Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant, and you will realize just how easily we could have ourselves A MOVEMENT!

Trust me, if over the next few weeks hundreds if not thousands of you would take the time to write out a simple 2.206 Petition letter and email it into the NRC, Entergy will have some serious problems, as rightfully they should have. If you get your friends and neighbors to do the same, the NRC is going to be forced to take a long and serious look at Entergy's License Renewal Application, and ask themselves if relicensing the facility for 20 more years of operation is WORTH THE TROUBLE.

AS a closing note, we also had a 2.206 Petition on Entergy's leaks, and are expecting enforcement action on that as well since there was a hearing on those issues as well on December 21.

Sherwood Martinelli


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