Friday, February 23, 2007

In Murder/Suicide, Lessard of Indian Point Goes Nuclear...Is Kirk Sorensen Following Suit?

First Green Nuclear Butterfly got attacked by an industry hack here locally (as in a Pro-Nuke Insider) by a nimrod who puts out a podcast titled, "This Week In Nuclear". No problem, if you are on the side of right, you get used to attacks from the peanut gallery.

Next was the anal retentive chimp from Maryland who has his OWN COMPANY...something like ROD ADAM's...a boring looking guy who seems to have spent his life on his knees, or in the missionary position depending on which piece of his diatribe you find yourself reading. This guy is serious plugged into the nuclear industry, gets QUOTED in NEI's propaganda blog on a regular basis for his position on nuclear waste. He's all liquored up about REPROCESSING, ready to witness to any one and everyone that there is no nuclear waste, only future use resources that can safely be stored ONSITE at aging reactors until hell freezes over. Pity some of this science guys did not get LAID more in high school.

Now it seems Green Nuclear Butterfly has attracted the wraith of one Kirk Sorensen. Do some Google, and it becomes clear this guy has a Thorium Axe to grind, and has decided we are RAINING ON HIS PARADE. Where do the likes of Entergy find these fruit loops at? We stopped by his blog, and he seems to be preaching about some cross pollinated interbreeding thorium/bubble gum reactor that creates Sweet Tarts as a waste stream...get off the lime green KoolAid there JUNIOR.

Our theory....with readers in over 30 countries, and some of the BIGGIES in the Pro Nuke Propaganda Machine attacking us, we must be doing something please Kirk, Rod and all the others...keep those postcards coming in.

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