Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Curse The French!

Well, folks, looks like we're all going to the ball... March 2nd... This Town Hall meeting Rock The Reactors had been advocating ever since John Hall has been elected to office is about to take place... I want to apologize to Manna Jo Greene for thinking she'd been flaking out on me since I ruined her sail up the Hudson on the Clearwater Sloop after the Coast Guard boarded the ship because their intelligence told them some organization wanted to rock the reactors. If that's "intelligence"... If the Coast Guard couldn't even Google Rock The Reactors to discover it was just a website with a muse for a beacon, then folks, we're in a lot more trouble than we bargained for, because that day, I realized that indeed, we're not safe on the Hudson.

But face it Manna Jo, it was raining cats and dogs, you were over an hour late, we were soaked, nobody wanted to take a sail that day anyway... and you didn't give me the time of day... you wouldn't return my calls, you wouldn't talk to me... You had me do this all around you, because you wouldn't share, you thought I was just some crazy Frenchman... Well I am, oh... yeah... But look where I am!

And look at you? Working diligently, in absolute secret from OUR own intelligence services, running with it, making your back room deals with your connections, probably going around saying, make sure Remy and all his crazy friends don't hear about this... well... you can't hide a press release... you want people in the room don't you? So can't we just bury the hatchet, can't your organization, and our organization, now the largest coalition of anti-nuclear groups in the nation since the Clamshell Alliance just work together to finish the job? Did you really think you could do this all alone... by yourself, just with your Westchester country club friends? When we're about to shut ALL of nuclear industry down?

Come on Manna Jo, this is the NRC we're talking about... Which is tied in with DoE... and DoD... this goes all the way back to the National Secrecy Act of 1947... You think they're going to give up their greed, their ignorance, their INSANITY because a few local well intentioned Congressmen sign a bill to go take a peek inside? You want to know how bad it is? It's so bad plant workers are now committing mass murder-suicide, that's how bad. Doesn't that tell you something?

OK, it's true, we're tabloid journalism at best, we rattle the cages, we make noise, we're like children. But guess what? Our blog traffic is through the roof, which is better than I can say for IPSEC's old cranky website not been updated since cobwebs took over... It's better than Riverkeeper, where poor Lisa, who I love, seems to be all alone in her corner, with Robert Jr. nowhere to be seen or heard on this issue... attending military technology transfer conferences... what the heck is he doing? Planning his return on a white horse?

Or Clearwater, Manna Jo, what happened to Clearwater, that Pete Seeger himself would want to distance himself from it... all his life has he been wanting to shut down this plant, so why don't we give it to him as a going away present, so he can be there when our muse flips the switch? I have this planned down to the micro second Manna Jo... Don't you know? Don't you know? Entergy isn't getting away this time...

So I just wanted to say thank you for working so hard, albeit pushing Rock The Reactors aside, pushing Green Nuclear Butterfly aside, and lining up such an illustrious bunch of people... with the monies all your donations allocate you... but now, let's make it count OK? Not like IPSEC then charging $60 for the DVD of Helen Caldicott's talk in White Plains so NOBODY can afford hearing it. Ask Mark Jacobs how many PRO-nuclear F*** he's got on his board... and the conflict of interest NIMBY hypocrites has, keeps sabotaging chances of IP shut down!!!
2012 their license is up. Are we going to wait for the end of the Mayan calendar, massive Global paranoia on the scale of Y2K, to shut the place down? Clean it up...? Let it be so the good people of Rockland county can breathe again? So ALL of Manhattan and Fairfield County can know their only fear is a meteor... or that if, or rather when, the ice caps melt, nukes riverside won't contaminate all bodies of water worldwide?

Let's take a hint folks... Let's not Lessard and his extended family's passing count for nothing... This man was troubled... We need to know why he went bezerk... What was his job, his responsibility? Who is this Lessard family which seems to have so many of their members scattered and employed throughout the nuclear industry? Will Congressman John Hall open an investigation into this incident, this gruesome murder? This is what the people want... So let's give it to them.

Entergy knows Indian Point is a sitting duck. I've heard from industry people themselves who told me they don't think they'll be able to hang on to this one, that the coalition building up to shut it down was going to be too great. They saw it coming months ago... I had one letter from an Entergy supporter who threatened to leave NY state in disgust because he knew the bloody commie liberals would succeed in destroying its local economy by shutting down Indian Point. Well that ain't gonna happen folks, because we are, as we speak, working with UBS and HSBC to bring alternative energy investment into Rockland County.

It's done, we've already won, put that in your pipe and smoke it, manifest it. It's fait accompli. Scuze my French. This has been in the works for so long... so long... you can't imagine. Since 1980 we've wanted to shut down this plant, prove to the world that the soft energy path was the direction home for humanity. It had to come down to the wire somewhere, so why not Indian Point, why not just a few miles North from the most amazing city in the world? A new fresh start... N'est-ce pas Mr. Wasserman?

So let's it be done and over with shall we? Let's just walk over to the Indian Point office, and quietly, calmly, ask them to flip the switch. Give it up, just go home, back to your families. A coworker of yours, who used to do under welding at the plant, has it all ready for you, come work with us in the residential solar industry, courtesy of the CT Technology Council.
Resistance is futile, and I'm tired of all this agony... I got better things to do in my life than slay dragons for maidens who don't want to talk to me... I have a techno circus to build. Just pack it up will you? Shut out the lights, go home, clean up the place... give John Hall his alternative energy center on the old plant grounds... Let's keep saving and cleaning up the Hudson... let's clean up this mess before it's too late, before all the women in a 50 miles radius die of breast cancer... before this planet awash in a radioactive nightmare... all so fat cats at Entergy can keep getting rich on electrons we can make you for free!

Ain't it a beautiful morning?

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