Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday February 18th, 2007-Green Nuclear Butterfly News Briefs

Contestant in Russian Nuclear Beauty Contest...I love those green teeth!
Greetings Readers:

Yes, the fearless that what they are calling radical dreamers these days? Remy shared with you, has been under the weather of late. The good news, is as of last night I have been cigarette free for THREE WEEKS! Now, to put this in perspective, I've been smoking since I was six, and at the time of my last puff was a two-three pack a day addict. How do I feel...AWFUL...trusting at some point, that this all gets EASIER? The long and short of it all, is that I have not been near as active on the blogs as I would like in the past ten days, and will work to improve that (hopefully this coming week).

Our poetry contest is starting to pick up speed. For those who have missed it, we have $1200 up for grabs, and our deadlines for entry are fast approaching. More on this later...need to find out from Remy if he has started posting any of the entries up on Rock The Reactors.

Next week is a busy week for the Green Nuclear Butterfly...first, our founder and EXSMOKER is going to be 51 on Wednesday, February 21st! For those not sure what to get me, a DONATION to the cause would be HELPFUL...between the new office, printing costs, and our poetry contest, Remy and I so far have about $4,000 into the creation of this movement (let's not forget the full page ad against Entergy in Vermont we helped fund!) with little in the way of outside contributions coming in...we need your help to grow this folks. Tomorrow night we record our first RADIO SHOW! More on that later! We'll be putting the word out on our poetry contest, and I'll more than likely get a plug in for my landscaping.

No word yet from Greenpeace and their Executive Director...oh well, we shall see what we shall see. Think I'll bring that issue up on the radio show tomorrow night as well. I have feelers out for another talk show as well, so for a start up, we are getting out there.

Upcoming Projects:

We are in the process of designing a MOVEMENT STENCIL that will be easy to replicate.
Much like a movememt years ago over in Germany, the idea will be to get our readers to help spread the word by REPLICATING our stencil in various areas where the public can view it.

We would like to take out a full page advertisement in a few of our local papers such as the advertizer...however, this will take some, if we have any readers out there that have been watching this unfold, we could really use your help in moving the ball down the field.

As we suspected, Congressman John Hall's bill was nothing but a rehash of Congressman Maurice Hinchey's FAILED BILL, and is NOT GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL in moving us close to shutting down Indian Point, or any of the other failing reactors, such as Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim to name two. We need a NATIONAL BILL, and the Green Nuclear Butterfly has been trying to make this point to the deaf ears of John Hall's staff...we are thinking our next step should be protesters out on the sidewalk in front of his various assorted offices. Let us know what you think on the meantime, we'll see if Congressman John Hall has enough political savvy to schedule a meeting with us before it comes to that. God forbid he makes himself obsolete and ineffective by failing to address the concerns of those of us in the CLOSE INDIAN POINT DOWN camp. If he was not serious about shutting the plant down, then maybe he should have kept his mouth shut...OH, BUT THEN HE WOULD NOT HAVE WON now would he? Face it John Hall, we delivered for you, and the time has come to deliver for us....otherwise, we launch our RETAKE 19 blog...yes, it is already up and ready to go. We got rid of Sue Kelly, and if we have to, we can get rid of you as well.

As everyone knows, I missed Green Drinks in Manhattan...maybe next month. On the good news side of the equation, if I can get my act together today, and my mind out of a fog, I do have the opportunity to have an article published on this whole nuclear issue as it relates to the EV issue, so wish me luck, as I'll be writing most of the day to meet the deadline.

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