Saturday, February 24, 2007

Time Wave - Uranium is an Addiction

Well... we hear echoes, rumblings in the distance... and I guess, I guess, we need to explain ourselves a little bit here at GNB... so it won't all come as a complete shock and surprise... I mean, come on, what did you really think, that Indian Point was just another nuke, another run of the mill, rubber stamping by the NRC? Come on, give us a little bit more credit than that, for creativity, for longevity... I mean how long has this battle been going on, with this Mexican Stand-off... We don't build any new ones, you leave the ones we have running alone... That was pretty much what happened after the NoNukes concert in Battery Park in New York in 1980... Everybody went home tired, beaten... The NRC had won... Indian Point got a free run for another 27 years... and look at it now, leaking, accident prone every day reported in the press, depressed workers, enough is enough... give us a break, your turn to go home, leave us alone.

How did all this get so bad really? I mean think about it, how did we end up with such a mess, a critical mess, waste we don't know what to do with, radiation leaks, destroyed ground water, strontium-90 fish, skyrocketing breast cancer rates... How? I mean what was to gain from all this? To all you youngins out there, who are just tuning in, who don't have any of the history about nuclear power... How does it feel to suddenly realize, be confronted, with a new environmental ill, you didn't even really know existed, because so much money has been spent in the media by these companies to keep you in the dark about the realities of the poison uranium extractions? So here's a quick, short and quick, little history lesson on the Peaceful Atom.

You see this dude, Einstein, figured out, that if you made an atom unstable enough, and uranium was a substance we knew unstable already... thanks to Marie Curie... if you banged it hard enough, in this case with lots and lots of targeted dyno-mite inside a circular cannister, well... oops, a chain reaction happens, and whopper kazzoo... bit freakin' bang you get... so they kept it all under wraps, some big fat secret... even though one of the physicists on the team, another dude named Oppenheimer, wasn't so cool with that at all, couldn't keep his mouth shut, so even though he was the best of the bunch, they kicked him out the Manhattan Project, this secret cabal of scientists the military jumbled together to make this super bomb idea into a gonzo weapon, to beat the Nazis!

It was up to Truman, U.S. President at the time, who even though he had intel told him wait a few more weeks, we got Japan beat, decided to drop Fat Man & Little Boy anyway, one after the other, from this cool bomber called The Enola Gay. And pow, the secret was out, the cat was out of the bag... everybody knew you could take just a few enriched atoms, and kaboom, explosion like you never seen before... So it made people very nervous, but also very curious... what if you could harnest that power for good? So the Peaceful Atom was born. Ah, but you see, there was a catch, the military was in charge, and used the opportunity as a pretext to keep their weapons programs funded, cause face it, can't part these boys from their toys now, know how they cry.

So they geared up this big PR campaign, atoms were everywhere in the 50's, part of the lore of the day, Tiki Kulture and furniture, warm little talking atom logos everywhere, on every cap, every t-shirt... in burger joints... The Jetsons... and Astro Boy. But the story not being told, is that after the second world war, we also brought back all the German scientists, and the German spies, called SS and Gestapo, to join the ranks of our own intelligence services, the OSS, to keep the Russians at bay, because we were convinced they were going to invade the rest of Europe, and wouldn't stop at Berlin. So we built a wall, to keep them in, and keep us out, or keep us in and keep them out, I'm still not sure how that worked out.

Anyway... backtrack... We didn't want anymore energy secrets to get out... what if the other side got them, or worse, what if a way of making electricity could suddenly be so easy, that all the people making money selling electrons would be out of a job... wow, what would happen to the economy? So, Truman, and a bunch of others, they did two things. First they consolidated U.S. and German intelligence, with a little help from the Vatican Secret Police, who had helped smuggle all these good Germans into West Palm Beach airport... via Project Paperclip. They turned the OSS into the CIA, did that in 1947, at the same time they signed into law the Atomic Energy Act (1946) and the National Security Act (1947), which for all intent and purposes automatically classified any energy conversion innovation on the planet! Presto, one stroke of the pen... and every scientist and engineer working on energy science projects, was subject to CIA oversight, and it's been like that... ever since.

Now, what's the big deal, right, we got iPods, and TVs... and toasters... so what's the big freakin' deal? Well folks, and this is where it gets complicated... The way we make electricity today, except for new sources like solar and wind, well folks, it's polluting as hell, and we're choking on our own spew. I've been around, people tell me I shouldn't say I'm old, but face it... I've kicked around a bit... and I've done my fair share of energy studies... Some even called me a child prodigy before the age of 5... more I think because of who my grandfather was, who Tim Leary called the Godfather of the new consciousness movement, maybe a little wishful thinking on their part, than any real performance on mine I suspect... but it made me curious, what if I was that smart... what could I do, what could I create, what could I invent, what could I build... But we'll leave that for another day.

There's a car out there called the Tesla Roadster. They called it that because there's a whole cult of suppressed energy technology around Nikola Telsa, the man who invented alternative current, and was rumored to have built a car than ran on ambient electricity in the air. We've mentioned it here a few times, it's been in the news quite a bit... Leo DiCaprio will be driving one up to the red carpet at the Oscars... They say 330 celebrities in LA have already bought the car, on a waiting list. They are custom made, with 6000 little li-ion batteries from China... now ain't that nice, that MIT won't allow the licensing of their solid state li-ion protocol to be mass produced in America, so we can have big packs instead of this ridiculous charade, where we have to string 6000 pen light batteries like Christmas tree lights!

That's what I mean, that's what I'm talking about. BECAUSE of the National Secrecy Act of 1947, any really good energy conversion technology is kept under wraps, as a military ace in the hole, in case we go to war, get this, WITH China, who we are buying all the things we should be making here, with our own hands, since they are our own inventions!!! Am I missing something here? Ah, but that's the game... all during World War 2, all the weapons dealers and their families were partying in Switzerland, neutral zone, intermarrying each other, while the Rockefellers were selling petroleum to the Nazis through a secret pipeline in Sweden... Trading With The Enemy... this immediately after we bombed Germany's synthfuel (from coal) industry into oblivion... hmmm...

The U.S. military after World War 2, and the S.H.A.P.E. became this huge machine, it needed a reason to survive, to perpetuate, to breed... Today, it's a trillion dollar industry every year in this county, the largest employer, owns more property than the Catholic Church... Well... it is the Catholic Church, forgot about that... and here we are... wanting to shut down a nuclear power plant, few miles North of Metropolis, and we can't get it done, because the NRC is just a front for the DoE, and the DoE is just a front for the DoD... and they're all joined at the hip like this football team, making darn sure we don't get to look under the hood, to really see what's been going on behind the velvet curtain all these years... all these wasted billions and billions, all these secret propulsion programs some now say, to the tune of hundreds of whistleblowers, coming out of secret weapons programs, who tell us we have all the solutions to global warming, our secret energy programs are 40, 50 years ahead of the curve from the civilian sector... hey, maybe that's why Robert Kennedy Jr. is prive to be keynote speaker at technology transfer conferences. Maybe the Powers That Be realize now, they just can't keep sitting on all these solutions... that the earth is burning, melting, and we need them.

So what do we do? Well... we have not been wasting our time, we do have organizations, organizations that help people get in touch with people, to uncover secrets, confront the status quo with the truth of the situation. I will name them. They are the Disclosure Project and Arcos Cielos... and through them you will meet hundreds of scientists and engineers coming out from behind the velvet curtain not afraid to speak out, to tell you, the NRC is full of it... that smashing atoms together to boil water is the most ridiculous thing you ever heard, stone age stuff compared to what they are toying with now, and that's all it is folks, just toys, big fat, costly toys. So no wonder our women are upset, and don't want to talk to men anymore, look at the mess we made. Can't find a single straight girl in Minneapolis anymore... they all hate us... they hate us for what we've done to the earth... and I for one, do not blame them.
So it's time to stop. It's time to make it all alright. It's time to rip the veil of secrecy, the way Senator Moynihan wanted us to do, a couple of years before his death. It's important you know, it really is, the fate of the planet and the species depends on it... so that maybe this time next year, it won't just be Leo behind the wheel of a Tesla... but all of us... share these new found energy technologies with Asia and Africa so they don't make the same mistakes we made, so they can start with their best green foot forward.
If you think this is science fiction, think again, we're thousands strong now, clamoring the same message, we're all over the web, MySpace, list servs, ready to assemble at a moment's notice... but we've seen what happens when we stick our neck out, inventors murdered, labs trashed, libraries destroyed... So not anymore folks, not this time... This time we quietly come with pressure to bear, gentle purrrsuasion, we are sitting here, looking, making sure that this time, Indian Point doesn't get a rubber stamp relicensing, shuts down tomorrow if we could, so we can take this country, this planet, into a new energy direction, which is already happening, as Native Americans all over the land are investing their casino earnings into hundreds of wind farms on their reservations... for they will be providing America power in the future...

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