Monday, February 5, 2007

Where is American Idol In Taking A Stand?

Movements have begun, been supported and nurtured through music and the musicians that create it. American Idol has a weekly audience that routinely exceeds 20 million people. The show is aired in every single community being forced to host the 103 aging reactors that are the nuclear industry's fleet. Over 50 percent of America's population lives within 50 miles of a nuclear short, if there is a major event at one of these decrepit, brittling, failing reactors, up to fifty percent of American Idol's audience base could be affected, could FACE DEATH.

So, with that reality, where is Simon speaking up against relicensing of these reactors, where is Paula calling citizens to action? American Idol has the ability to reach through the apathy and plug middle America back into this fight for our communities. There is such a thing as Social Responsibility, and American Idol needs to weigh in on this important is WRONG to force communities to play host to these relics from a error plagued industry, it is wrong to keep these reactors up and running, in effect playing Russian Roulette with the lives of fifty percent of America, fifty percent of American Idol's audience base. One free commercial spot on their show speaking up against the nuclear industry would force our government to wake up...question is, does Simon care about anything beyond his wallet where America is concerned? American Idol could invite Congressman John Hall onto the show for a cameo appearence to briefly speak on the issue...there is in short a natural tie in for such political activism.

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