Thursday, February 1, 2007

America's Ten Worst Reactors-A Whistle Blowers Dream

This fall, the NRC issued two letters to the Entergy Corporation wherein they are accused of having a management style that is CHILLING...a management style that has employees afraid to come forward with their worries about both safety, and security. This got the Green Nuclear Butterfly thinking...what if we had a Top Ten Worst Reactors in America List? Further, what if we took all the information our readers sent us, and filed a GENERATE Verified Complaint against EVERY REACTOR IN AMERICA? After all, if the NRC can issue their own Generic Letters, why can't we in the STAKEHOLDER Communities issue our own Generic Complaint against the nuclear facility, and in the process compile our list of the TEN WORST REACTORS IN AMERICA!

This is simple folks, and EVERY ONE in AMERICA can be a part of it...especially those working at nuclear power plants who WANT TO COME FORWARD, but are afraid to do so. If you have complaints about a nuclear reactor, if your community is being forced to play host to one of these aging dinosaurs, drop us a note care of our editor at Give us as much detail and facts as you can about the violations, or company misdeeds. Now, knowing that some folks who worked for nuclear facilities are afraid of losing their jobs by being whistle blowers, NOT TO WORRY. Package up your allegations, any and all documents you have to back up your complaints, and mail them to us in a PLAIN BROWN WRAPPED PACKAGE, and we will take care of the rest. Send your HOT DOCUMENTS TO Sherwood Martinelli, Green Nuclear Butterfly, 351 Dyckman Street, Peekskill New York 10566. We know there are plant employees all around America that have THE GOODS on some of these is your chance to DROP A DIME without any one ever knowing who you are!

Help the Green Nuclear Butterfly file the LARGEST and MOST COMPREHENSIVE VERIFIED COMPLAINT the NRC has ever seen. Bad weld joints, burst pipes, electrical problems, lost fuel rods...WE WANT IT ALL, and we will publish the list of the TEN WORST REACTORS IN AMERICA, our own HALL OF SHAME. Have pictures that the NRC and/or the nuclear industry would be embarrassed about? WE WILL PUBLISH THEM! Give us your dirt, as we are going after the sleaze, we want to take a slice out of the dirty underbelly of the nuclear industry. Are you and old timer that still has documents that Bush has now taken down off the WEb...we want them! As a stakeholder living three miles from Indian Point, I have a right to know the REAL RISKS of living by a nuclear power plant, Americans have a right to know, and with the help of our readers, the help of whistle blowers that see this article, we can BRING DOWN THE HOUSE, we can Rock The Reactors with a story like none ever told before!

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