Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Addressing Indian Points Rat Pack of Propaganda

Was over on Indian Points Safe, Vital and Secure Propaganda Page today, and thought I would post their diatribe here with a few of my own comments and additions. We need to change their sign out front of the site...just a small addition to the existing sign. It should read, "Entergy Center, Cancer and Abortion Clinic. So tied of their lies, and the same old party line of no immediate danger. My remarks and/or additions have been bolded.
Indian Point Update or, "Excuses and Lies of The Week"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First, Entergy would like to thank you for your patience during the testing of the new siren system. (As if we have any real choice in the matter?) There has been a great deal of news lately noting that we have twice missed our deadline to bring the new alert system online, and we apologize for that. (Notice they fail to address what the NRC labeled as great failure at the TOP TIERS OF ENTERGY MANAGEMENT?) As we have told the NRC, Entergy takes full responsibility for missing the siren deadline. We are working to get them fully operational as soon as possible. (Please define soon. As is, giving Entergy one full month to come up with a plan is far to generous. No working siren system that attains a 94 percent function rating, close the plants down and see how fast Entergy moves to address the issue.) However, we will not bring them online before we can be sure the new system meets the federal regulations, performs reliably and addresses the concerns of the emergency planning personnel from the four counties around Indian Point. Ensuring the safety of Indian Point and the larger community is always our top priority. ( If public safety, not profits were Entergy's first priority, they would not keep these failing reactors operational.)

Second, Entergy also announced yesterday that a small leak was identified in a pipe that brings steam from Indian Point 2 to Indian Point 3 for heating purposes. (The leak was discovered on April 7th, so why the two week delay in letting the public know?) It is a non-radioactive system that expectedly has small amounts of tritium in it, about one-seventh of the EPA drinking water standard. (No, finding the tritium there WAS NOT EXPECTED, which is why it is labeled a leak.) The pipe is infrequently used to supply steam to IP3 for heating while the plant is not operating. We would like to re-emphasize that there is no threat to employees or the public. The NRC has noted this event as "insignificant." (The NRC's new grading system finds almost every violation insignificant, and non-citable.)

Finally, our work to replace the damaged electric transformer at IP3 is progressing nicely, and we should be returning the plant to service by the end of the week. (Don't rush on or account, as we never want the reactor started up again.)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to submit them through the "contact us" section of our website at http://www.safesecurevital.com/contact/index.php.

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