Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Entergy's Indian Point-What Would Jesus Do?

Good, bad or ugly, one thing is certain...when America's Churches, and the religious right swing into action, they are a force to be reckoned with, as is witnessed by George Bush being elected President not once, but TWICE. Looking at the two aging Entergy Reactors known as Indian Point as they pollute the Hudson River, and push cancers rates ever higher in Westchester and Rockland counties, it dawned on me...where is the CHURCH (pick your denomination) in this fight, and what would Jesus do?
It seemed logical to first decide, or answer the second question. What would Jesus do? Setting aside all the killing of fish in the Hudson, ignoring the strontium 90 and tritium leaking into our ground water from leaking fuel pools, and busted, rusting pipes and fixtures, rushing right by the elevated cancers rates for those of us living in reactor communities, I went to one startling fact to decide that Jesus would not approve of the NRC's rubber stamping of the license renewal applications for America's 103 aging reactors.
An article in the October 23, 1999 Lancet showed an additional 100 mSv exposure to external ionizing radiation before conception added a 25% risk of a child being stillborn. One should conclude that Indian Point is an ABORTION MACHINE. If you look at the allowed ionizing radiation release rates for America's 103 aging, brittling reactors, you quickly realize that the NRC, NEI and America's nuclear reactor owners (Exelon, Entergy, First Energy, Duke Power) have decided some still births are an acceptable cost of CLEAN, SAFE, VITAL, SECURE, GREEN NUCLEAR ENERGY. The American Nuclear industry in effect is in the business of ending life, are indiscrinate Angels of Death practicing radiation induced abortions in potentially large numbers. That would not please God, that would offend Jesus.
So, Jesus would want his congregations working on grassroots efforts to see these dangerous sites shut down. He would want his ministers and preachers speaking up from their pulpits, encouraging God's sheep to plug into the anti re-licensing movement. Our local churches have the power to put thousands of people at public meetings held by the NRC, could easily put hundreds of thousands out in the streets in front of Indian Point to march in protest.
So, where is the church in this fight. it's bad enough when they seem to ignore the increased breast cancer rates in Westchester and Rockland counties. It's baffling that they seem unaware of the increased cases of thyroid cancer in these two counties. However when a facility is contributing to the number of still births, snuffing out young lives before they are ever born, one would think the church and its congregations would be outraged, and up in arms. So again we ask, where is the church in the fight to close down these aging and dangerous reactors, where is the church in demanding the closure of Indian Point.

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