Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Low Dose Radioactivity Kills Bees

Sidney Goodman

Honeybees are dying out
Editor, The Record
Largest newspaper in Bergen County, NJ

Dying honeybees not surprising.
The front-page headline of the Record on April 21, read “Honeybees dying off”. Lost hives pose a threat to farmers. The loss of bees is not surprising.

Right after the partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island nuclear plant, newspapers local to that area publicized a concern to farmers. All the insects disappeared. The cloud of low dose radioactivity that was released killed them. Bees are insects.
All nuclear plants routinely release so-called safe emissions. There is no such thing as a safe dose.
We have been blanketed with low-dose radioactivity. Bush/Cheney are intensifying this blanket in too many ways to count. Not to worry, the nuclear industry and our government assure. To worry threatens trillions in subsidies.
When the earth was formed, its surface was highly radioactive. Life was able to begin on this planet when surface radioactivity dissipated. The nuclear cult is bringing radioactivity back to the surface, to the air, to the water, and in our food. Bush and Cheney are making their evil and stupid schemes of radioactivity and war forever a threatening reality.

Better worry.
Sidney Goodman

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