Saturday, April 28, 2007

Beware of Pro Nuclear Progressives Like Third Way

In the fight to save communities from the WRONGFUL RELICENSING of failing, brittling reactors, you have to know your enemies, and apparently many in the so called area of Progressives are Pro Nuclear enemies of the people. The latest group identified is Third Wave. The list of politicians they list as participating in the group is telling, and it is Progressives that want to own Congressman John Hall as their own.

Third Way Releases Nuclear Paper
Group Says Warming, Security Require More Nuclear Power

Washington: Third Way today released a new memo urging policymakers and advocates to take a new look at nuclear power. In “Another Inconvenient Truth,” the group argues that expanding domestic nuclear power is crucial to solving the twin problems of global warming and energy security.

The Third Way paper makes three main points: Which we disagree with.

1. Expanding nuclear power will make a difference in addressing global warming.

2. Embracing nuclear power by progressive leaders would have a galvanizing impact on the public, demonstrating the severity of the climate change problem and the need for everyone to make hard choices.

3. Moving forward efficiently on nuclear power could help provide momentum to take additional steps to curb carbon emissions.

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