Friday, May 18, 2007

A**Holes Penn & Teller Even Bigger A**Holes Than Previously Thought!


Season 5, Episode 9: Nukes, Hybrids and Lesbians

Penn and Teller take on nuclear power, hybrid cars, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and lesbians on a blind date, all within the same episode. We discover the bullshit behind keeping nuclear power down, the waste left behind by hybrid cars and the garbage clouding decisions to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Plus, two lesbians on a blind date road trip put their newfound relationship and a hybrid car to the test.

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Nukes, Hybrids and Lesbians 05/18/07 10:30 PM Showtime
Nukes, Hybrids and Lesbians 05/19/07 12:35 AM Showtime
Nukes, Hybrids and Lesbians 05/21/07 12:00 AM Showtime

Clips from show... see how Penn & Teller use two lesbians to dump on the Prius and hype nukes!

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After watching this show, every lesbian in America is going to want to own their own Prius... I suspect Penn & Teller did this to bring attention to the issues, make tongues wag... they'll come out in a few days and say: "Got you, fooled you good!" And if they don't? Same result... They're so over the top with it... it's giving sane opposition to the relicensing of old decrepit nuclear power plants a shot in the arm.

On YouTube someone calling themselves Fluos wrote: "By early 2002, 7 billion US dollars had been spent on the project which has made Yucca Mountain the most studied piece of geology in the world. Total cost is expected to be between 50 and 100 billion dollars. The cost to continue storing nuclear waste at their respective plants though is significantly greater, estimated to be 200 to 400 billion dollars."

What a waste of billions... and think of all the wind "turbines" we could have erected for that kind of cash...

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Anonymous said...

I did not believe that anyone could be this stupid. Your calender although accurate in date displays many things that had nothing to do with a nuclear reactor. A valve failing in a power plant is not the end of the world and will not lead to a melt down. Do you know what a meltdown is? Its when the fuel (which is a metal) begins to turn into a liquid and fuse together, it does not destroy the vessel nor melt into the earth. See we try as much as humanly possible (at least in the states and the navy) to make sure reactors are safe. Not just normal kinda safe, im talking over the top its so much red fucking tape it makes your eyes bleed safe. To the point if a reactor did melt down completely they would pour concrete into the compartment and then the entire building (and it works three mile island is proof no one died and everyone involved received a free chest x-ray compliments of the energy dept.) How are they so safe you ask, well nuclear reactors happen to be surround by nice fat, thick walls of FUCKING LEAD. which attenuates (you might wanna look that up) any radiation that could come from a reactor. Also there are many safety systems involved in containing a reactor. As you may sight the recent Japanese media blowout, remember this fact, the nuclear power plant just out side of New Orleans was flooded with 20 feet of water for over 2 weeks. Did there reactor melt, no. Did it blow up (hahahaha), no. Was any radiation released, no. Why? because when they built the diesel generators that provide backup power (like the ones that were flooded japan) they were built to be self sealing (not to flood). The only reason i get so angry with your bullshit is you dont base it on any real science. I have worked 20 feet from a reactor for 2 years, in my time next to this dangerous radiation spewing mega death machine i received less radiation than you. I work on a sub, so am shielded from the 3 biggest sources of radiation you or anyone else will be exposed to. The sun, the earth (contains elements such as radium that are abundant and are found everywhere) and Cosmic rays. So by being on a submarine and standing next to my nice carbon free and very clean shiny white reactor (that's 20 years old) i receive less exposure than you. Also radiation exposure depends on things like how long you were exposed, how far you were from the thing that exposed you and what was in between you and it. See im what you would call educated, i have a degree and most importantly i work with this shit on a daily basis, and i can tell you this if i thought it would kill me just by working with it i wouldnt do it. It is a dangerous job but so is working in a coal plant, or being a technician for a wind turbine (its really not the fall but the landing that will get you killed). Also have you thought about the fact of how much land is actually required to build those things, and the fact that they cant be built everywhere because a lot of places just don't have the wind. The point is don't bash something you know nothing about because your a scared little bitch, just because the internet said so doesn't mean its true. and FYI you don't turn green, your skin peels off your face and your eye balls melt as your organs turn to mush. have a nice life.