Saturday, May 19, 2007

Indian Point Leaks Too Small For Harm...So, A Gun Is Just A Hunk of Metal Till You Pull Trigger.

In a news article, we are being told/chastised by Indian Point and their parents, Entergy and the NRC that the tritium leaks at the plant are too small to cause harm. Small leaks have this habit of becoming LARGE LEAKS, especially when the neanderthals from Entergy are incapable and/or unwilling to FIND AND REPAIR them. Their assurances ring false, and the analogy in the title of this article rings true...Why not get Steets too point a gun at your face, and state, "don't worry, it's just a hunk of metal unless I pull the trigger."

If, as Entergy, NRC and the NEI would have us believe, nuclear reactors are ever so safe, then why is every other agency of our Federal Government spending billions of dollars preparing for the aftermath of a significant nuclear incident, and/or a terrorist attack on a nuclear reactor site. The two realities do not mesh, and we are being lied can decide which version of the truth is real.

Indian Point report: Radioactive leaks too small for harm


(Original publication: May 19, 2007)
BUCHANAN - Radioactive contamination leaking from the Indian Point nuclear power plants into the Hudson River has not significantly increased radiation exposure to the public, according to a new report from the plants' owner.

The federally mandated annual report found small amounts of dangerous radioactive materials in the groundwater path leading to the river.

Radioactive contamination was discovered leaking underground from Indian Point in 2005 and last month was found in the plants' sewage. Federal officials have said the leaks were being addressed and posed no threat to the public.

The April 25 report from Entergy Nuclear Northeast, the company that owns and operates the plants, estimates that the maximum potential radiation dose from the leaks is a tiny fraction of the federal 3-millirem limit for annual total-body exposure to an adult through liquids.

Federal authorities estimate that a typical American is exposed to 360 millirem of radiation yearly.

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