Saturday, May 19, 2007

Entergy's Unmitigated Gall! They Claim Partial Credit in GEIS For Indian Point License Renewal For Saving America Bald Eagle

Can see the headline in the New York Times or Wall Street Journal now. Entergy and the nuclear industry have saved the American Bald Eagle from extinction. I spent yesterday going through the laborious task of reading the Indian Point Environmental Study attached to their Application for License Renewal. It was/is no surprise they claim no significant impacts would occur as a result of relicensing. Easy to do when you don't have to address leaks, spent fuel, a terrorist attack, or a non working Evacuation Plan.

However, even I was surprised at the unmitigated GALL of Entergy when I came across a passage in their report on endangered species. They posture for the readers, that one possible reason for the Bald Eagles come back, is the OPEN SPACE provide in this area because of Indian Points nuclear reactors. If we did not know it before, it is official now...Entergy has no shame.

Meanwhile, some of us need to file formal complaints with certain agencies regarding Indian Points killing of Short Sturgeons that are brutally sucked into the killing machines that are their water intake system. While we are at it, it is pointed out that Entergy claims not to have seen any other endangered species on their land, but nor do they admit to ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR THEM.

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Anonymous said...

The addressing of leaks, spent fuel, terrorist attacks, and evacuation plans - these are not entirely on the back of Entergy. All of these require a significant amount of partnering to accomplish. Yes, they should be doing all they can to address the source of leaks and from other articles reviewed, this is being done. In regard to spent fuel, they like all of us are waiting for Washington to fulfill its commitment. I would say that site security is the best that it can be and it takes major cooperation with others to help prevent and in the end I'm not sure one can truly be prevented - its like criminals committing crimes. Likewise, they can only partner with local authorities in regard to evac plans. The plan has to be executed by others.

In regard to the point on extinct species, I see it only as a statment and not a claim. Entergy has only been a part of IP 5 or 6 years. So if there is credit then it likely belongs to the NYPA which is the previous owner. Thankfully for security and public safety, the NRC requires a significant amount of acreage on which a plant is to be built. If the plant were not there then what would be occupying the land?