Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Sunday Morning Document Sharing

The Choice Is Ours Only If We As A Community Unite For The Cause To Close Down Indian Point.
First, to all the Mothers out there, a Warm and Happy Mother's Day Wish to you. For those fortunate enough to have Mothers, enjoy the day with the most important woman in your life, your Mom. (Don't forget Grandma!) For those like my wife and I, who's Mom have your best to enjoy today, as our Mom's would have wanted it that way.

On to matters of Indian Point. If you want to defeat the enemy (license renewal application) you have to know the enemy, have to dig to find the dirt on them, and on their licensed reactors. As much as the NRC and the industry would like to pretend otherwise, problems, design flaws and aging issues in the history do not change,and the issues that existed then, still exist today. What changed today, is the regulatory environment...the NRC is no longer conservative where our health and safety is concerned, but instead has dampened down and weakened our rights to protect ourselves by diminishing our rights in the process, and making many of the documents THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO READ disappear.

However, if you dig, like an archaeologist uncovering and ancient tomb, everything is there. Indian Point, and all 104 of the aged and brittling reactors in America are not safe, and try as they might to state otherwise, the NRC,DOE,NEI and the entire nuclear industry know that and accident at one if not more than one of these ancient relics is not a question of if, but when. My gift to your Mothers, my gift to all the Mother's children of this area today is to bring some of those documents out from the catacombs so that you have the ability to gain the knowledge contained therein...if you are too busy to begin educating yourselves, to apathetic to join the fight to close down the Indian Point reactors, then it could be your Mom's and your own children's blood that is on your hands.

Evacuation Study (EPA-1987)

Effects on Ground Water From Nuclear Incident (study)


DOE Fusion Safety Handbook

Cost Benefit of AP1000

These Next two are really good;

Clad Failure

Legal opinion on use of risk assessment

Explains Evacuation Plan Requirements

In phase 2, mid-loop operation was selected as the plant configuration to be analyzed based on the results of the phase 1 study. The objective of the phase 2 study is to perform a detailed analysis of the potential accident scenarios that may occur during mid-loop operation, and compare the results with those of NUREG-1150.

Health Effects Analysis From Nuclear Incident

Selling the PUBLIC

Reactor Computer Software

Severe Accident Management

Understanding Industry High Risk Evaluation Software

Fuel Melt

A Medical Teams Story

Aging Issues Volume3

Aging Lessons Learned

Aging Volume 2

This paper discusses a series of tests performed at the Institute of Fluid Flow Machines in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The tests were designed to investigate the effect of replacing one of the steam turbines in a power plant. The new turbine required more cooling water flow through the condenser, which called for new cooling water pumps. The model tests showed that reliable, long-term service would be impossible without modifying the equipment. The test model was built to use Froude's law to investigate the effects of the changes.

Aging-Heat Reactors

Some Good Stuff On Pipes

Leak Before Break

Managing Age

Oldie But Goodie-Failure Data Handbook

Pump Degradation

Precursors To Severe Core Damage

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