Friday, June 15, 2007

Shared Post, Updating The Week

There is a WHOLE LOT going on, and I do apologize for the lack of new material that has gone up this week. To save time, sharing a post just put up over on our Indian Point Nuclear Dead Baby World Tour blog to save time and energy.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dead Baby Tour Friday Night Update...

First, for those who have been visiting looking for NEW STUFF, we thank you for stopping by, and do apologize, but this has been a very busy week for both the Indian Point Dead Baby World Tour, and our sister site, the Green Nuclear Butterfly. First, some important news on our forward progress on this environmental direct action campaign:

1. Cathy Garger's doll arrived (very early in the AM), and she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, so a very special thanks to her. The porcelain face is almost regal, and think once we stain the outfit with a good soak in tea leaves to her a bit of an aged look, she's ready to go. The doll is so elegant, that it is going to be the doll shipped over to Elena in the Ukraine with the hope that she will agree to take it with her on her next motorcycle trip through Chernobyl's fallout zone.

2. Yesterday morning, Remy Chevalier of Rock The Reactors, Susan from Rockland Fuse and myself representing GNB had a very intense meeting with the NRC...more will be written on that Sunday in our GNB Blog. Afterward, Remy and I stopped by our favorite bookstore, The Bruised Apple and after explaining the goals of this site, they were beyond generous in donating a slew of delightfully worn and weary dolls.

3. Buried three dolls in the mulch in my backyard gardens in the hopes of giving them a bit of a different soiled look, and took some incredible photographs that I hope to load onto my hard drive, again on Sunday.

4. Our sub-committee working on a petition to intervene in the Entergy Relicensing process met last night, and things are progressing nicely on that front.

5. Tomorrow will be GONE all day, as we'll be collecting signatures at the Clearwater Festival on a Petition For Rule making that will be filed next week with the NRC.

So again, do apologize for the lack of new content this week, but as you can see, we have been very busy, and things are moving forward on numerous fronts. With any luck, can do some serious article posting on these two blogs on Sunday, and am working on one dealing with one of the important issues of the friendly atom cycle, spent uranium, a deplorable byproduct of the uranium fuel process, which is used in the making of armor piercing ammunition.

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