Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Helen Caldicott-Nuclear Not So Green

I know that nuclear is not green, have been trying to make people aware of that with this blog. For my efforts, I have been ridiculed, had hate blogs launched against me, and even received a few well intentioned death threats...how quaint. If there is good news in that, I am in good company, as Helen Caldicott has endured much the same, and yet was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I had to laugh when reading the article below when Helen Caldicott quipped after being questioned about the lack of recent death threats that she just was not talking loud enough.
She has a new book out, "Nuclear Is Not The Answer" that every citizen within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor needs to read. Actually, with the Bush administrations plans to put a nuclear reactor on every street corner, every American Should read this story.

Nuke power not so clean or green

By Elsa Wenzel

Jun 11 2007

Cold War-era nuclear fears have eased in recent decades, replaced by anxieties over global warming. Lately, in some circles, nuclear power has gained a new reputation as a pollution-free cure-all for a world starved for clean energy.

But the nuclear industry hasn't cleaned up its act, according to Helen Caldicott, who spearheaded the nuclear disarmament movement in the 1980s. (Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling nominated Caldicott for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.) Caldicott, a pediatrician by training, has devoted 35 years to an international campaign to educate the public about the health hazards of nuclear power.

Not only is atomic energy inefficient, but it adds to greenhouse gas emissions while releasing deadly radiation for countless generations, argues Caldicott. Her recent work is summed up by the title of her book Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer.

She is working with the Nuclear Policy Research Institute, which she founded, to convince Congress that solar and wind power instead can mitigate global warming.

Caldicott is known for courting controversy, whether by debating with world leaders, marching naked in the streets of San Francisco, or implying that Hershey sold radioactive chocolates containing milk produced near the Three Mile Island disaster. While she no longer receives death threats as she did in the 1980s, Caldicott told CNET that just proves that her voice hasn't been loud enough lately.

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