Sunday, June 10, 2007

Support The Vermont Yankee Seven on June 19th

For those of you who do not know the Vermont Yankee Seven, better known the Raging Grannies, as a quick introduction...they are a small dedicated group of women who had the courage to stand up against Entergy, who chained themselves together, thus successfully blocking the entrance to Entergy's ailing and failing Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor up in Vermont. They carried a banner reading, "No MoreTax Subsidies For Vermont Yankee." For their troubles, they are facing charges of trespass and disorderly conduct...if you asked me, they should be issued medals of honor, and a key to the city. They are scheduled for trial on June 19th, and can use all the public support they can get. Any chance we could get a group of us from Indian Point to head up, seeing as both communities are being raped by the same corporate monster in Entergy?
Our thanks to Hattie, and the folks at Nukebusters for this important update on this issue.

Seven Women in Court for Vermont Yankee Action

Marcia Gagliardi

June 19th in Windham County Court, Brattleboro, Vermont, is the court date for seven women in the SHUT IT DOWN affinity group who were each charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct for their April 25 chaining action at Vermont Yankee in Vernon, Vermont. They carried a banner reading No More Tax Subsidies For Vermont Yankee.

We would love as many people as possible to join us in court. We will meet in the court parking lot at 7:30 AM and be in the courtroom by 8:00 AM. The women are: Julia Bonafine of Shrewsbury, Vermont, Frances Crowe, Paki Wieland, and Ellen Graves of Northampton;Dorthee of Wendell; Hattie Nestel and Marcia Gagliardi of Athol.

If questions, contact
Hattie at or telephone
978-249-6224 or
Marcia At or telephone

News Story On Protest...notice Entergy's hostility even towards the PRESS who were warned to vacate the property or be arrested...those TURDS!

Seven arrested in anti-nuke protest at Vermont Yankee

Published: Thursday, April 26, 2007
The Associated Press

VERNON — Seven anti-nuclear activists were arrested after chaining themselves to a fence at Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant during a protest in which police also threatened to arrest members of the media.

The protesters, who call themselves the Raging Grannies, want the plant shut down and have engaged in dozens of similar actions since December 2005.

In those incidents, reporters and photographers were allowed to speak to the women and take pictures during their arrests.

But on Wednesday, Police Chief Kevin Turnely told members of the media they would be arrested if they didn’t immediately leave the property, which is owned by Entergy. Entergy spokesman Rob Williams said the order wasn’t given by the plant’s owners, but that in such protests, journalists must abide by trespassing laws just as protesters do.

Arrested and cited for trespassing and disorderly conduct were:
--Julia Bonafine, 38, of Shrewsbury.
--Frances Crowe, 88, of Northampton, Mass.
--Paki Wieland, 63, of Northampton, Mass.
--Ellen Graves, 66, of West Springfield, Mass.
--Hattie Nestel, 68, of Athol, Mass.
—Marcia Gagliardi, 59, of Athol, Mass.
—a 78-year-old Wendell, Mass., woman who goes by the name Dorthee.

Since 2005, members of the group have protested regularly at Entergy’s corporate offices and at the gate of the power plant in Vernon. State’s Attorney Dan Davis has balked at prosecuting them, saying he doesn’t want them using the justice system as a platform for attention.

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hattie nestel said...

Dear folks, Hattie here-one correction please. the newspaper got it wrong---we are NOT the raging grannies--0 we ARE the shut it down affinity group of citizens awareness network. Hope you all can make it on the 19th, Thanks for coverage, Hattie Nestel