Saturday, July 7, 2007

Al Gore in DC a few minutes ago...

Al Gore made NO mention at The National Museum of the American Indian a few minutes ago in Washington DC about nuclear power during his Live Earth concert series opening remarks... this on the steps of the NMAI, a museum dedicated to a people we all know have greatly suffered at the hand of uranium mining... and still does to this day! Al Gore made a point of mentioning the culprits of Global Warming, the oil and coal industry, "consciously" omitting nuclear energy from the trilogy.

This whole Live Earth concert series has a hidden agenda, the nuclear renaissance, the relicensing of ALL old nuclear power plants... assuring complete centralized Federal control of electron generation... The entire environmental community has been sucked into this vacuum of lies and deceit... including many musicians and artists who haven't taken the time to analyze who the sponsors of this event really are... Proctor & Gamble, Chevrolet, Hearst, Saturn, Philips...

This comment I received from a Native American friend:
"While Al Gore was VP, didn't he and Clinton dump the nuclear stockpiles at USEC inventories into the market thereby creating an artificial demand for uranium which is now driving the ISL/ISR mining boom out here? Then right afterwards Al Gore unleashed "An Inconvenient Truth" on the herd coercing them into believing that they need nuclear power to combat global warming. Weren't they also the same bunch that tried to deregulate the utility companies out West just prior to the rolling brown outs? Who is the front man approaching the utility companies, what is his agenda and purpose?"

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