Thursday, July 5, 2007

Spitfire Agency ~ Green for the Money!

This week Rock The Reactors reached out to Sarah Haynes, founder of the Spitfire Agency, a self-proclaimed green PR firm which has worked with hundreds of famous musicians, "so-called" green companies and non-profit organizations, currently "greening" the Virgin Festival in Maryland, in a failed attempt to enlist their participation in the shut down of Indian Point. This was her reply:

"Hi Rem,
Thanks for your note. We are an agency that gets hired to create events and/or create event marketing. When you are ready to hire an agency for a specific project that can be boiled down to a who-what-where-when-why, that's the best time to call. We need a much more specific call to action, and a rough budget, in order to get involved.
Keep up the good work!
Many thanks,

In otherwords, "Drop dead, we're only in it for the money!"

And this is a woman who has worked with Lydia Lunch, Julia Butterfly Hill, Woody Harrelson, Jello Biafra, Living Tree Paper, Ralph Nader & Winona LaDuke... Scary!

Thanks Sarah.

List of Spitfire clients.:

Adam Werbach - AGI Media - Alanis Morissette - Alice Radio - Alicia Silverstone - Andy Dick - Angelo Moore - Anthony Kiedis - Art Alexakis - BBI International - Bianca Jagger - Bill Maher - Bonnie Raitt - Boots Riley- Burningman*- CAKE - Capitol Records - Children At Play - Circle of Life - Columbia Records - Concrete Blonde - Conscious Media - Dancer Farm B&B - Daryl Hannah - De La Soul - Doughty - Dr. Drew - Earthdance - EcoChik - Emmylou Harris - Epic Records - Exene Cervenka - Flea - Foo Fighters - Fred Durst - G Love - Gaiam - Global Exchange - Go Further - - Hicks Mountain Ranch - Honor The Earth - Honor The Earth Tour - Hotel Triton - House of Petals - Howard Lyman - Ice T- In Defense Of Animals - Indigo Girls - Ingrid Newkirk - Interface Carpet Company - Irene McGhee - Ivy Hill - Jason Mraz - Jello Biafra - Jerry Garcia Estate - Jill Sobule - Joan Baez - John Trudell - Johnette Napalitono - Julia Butterfly Hill - Kennedy - Kenneth Cole - Keppler Agency - Krist Novoselic - Linkin Park - Living Tree Paper - LOHAS Conference - Loyale Clothing - Lydia Lunch - Madonna - McKesson Health - Medea Benjamin - Mendel Art Gallery - Michael Franti - Michelle Shocked - Mickey Hart - Montana Human Rights Network - Morgan Spurlock - National Biodiesel Board - PETA - Peace Cereal - Perry Farrell - Pritzker Family - Ralph Nader - RCA Records - Red Hot Chili Peppers - REM - Real Goods Sustainable Living Center - Renee Underkoffler - Rickie Lee Jones - Robin Williams - Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair - Rosie Perez - Russell Carter Artist Management - Shorewood Packaging - Simple Organic Living Tour- SOL Fest - Sony Music- Spearhead - Sphinx Productions - Suite Treatments - Sustainable Living Fair - Sustainable World Symposium - The Coup - Todd McCormick - Tracy Chapman - - Voices For A Viable Future - - Warner Brothers Records - Warped Tour - We the Planet Festival - We the Planet Tour - Whole Life Expos - WholeUrth - Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival - Winona La Duke - Woody Harrelson - Youth Speaks - Zack De La Rocha

* pro-bono

(Notice how few pro-bono jobs they've actually taken... In fact, the "only" pro-bono job they've ever done is Burning Man... Makes you wonder, doesn't it... about this "green" capitalism thing... leaving the planet burning with most of the job undone!)

Anyone interested in finding out who we're all really working for, check out this amazing film:

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