Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Terrorist Attack On Indian Point-Explosives Laden Vehicle

Just a question the NRC should answer regarding a terrorist attack on Indian Point.

In various terrorist attacks here in America, such as the first World Trade Center attack, and the bombing in Oklahoma, a LARGE rental truck was detonated. With that very real reality, why is it then, that the DBT (Design Basis Threat) scenerio for a bomb laden vehicle has the terrroist only using a four wheel drive vehicle loaded down with explosives? Could it be, that the larger rental truck (such as a 28 foot Ryder box truck) if successfully detonated would do castrophic damage to the reactor facility, and the nuclear industry did not want that fact known to host communities such as ours here in the general area of Indian Point?

Everyone enjoy their 4th of July, and as you are enjoying fireworks this evening, think about a Ryder truck laden down with explosives detonating right next to one of the reactors.

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