Saturday, July 7, 2007

Anonymous Entergy Idiot

What kind of a Entergy idiot comes to a anti nuclear blog tossing out plant security information? I made a post regarding an explosive laden vehicle, pointing out how wrong sighted the NRC is in limiting the size to a 4x4 vehicle...someone who seems to know a whole lot about Indian Point posted a comment as Anonymous on the Green Nuclear Butterfly blog, pointing out all the reasons why I am an unreasonable person, explaining in great detail (be it real information or imaginary information) why Indian Point was/is immune from a terrorist successfully getting an explosives laden vehicle onto the plant sight.

A part of the reasoning employed by this person, is that any BIG TRUCK coming on to the Indian Point plant legally is going to already have some serious clearance, and it's travel will be traced from it's departure sight to Indian Point. Kind of like the over turned truck in North Carolina, or perhaps like the radioactive material Indian Point sent to the wrong facility kind of tracking? Or are we talking the kind of security that saw Indian Point's evacuation code software sent to a sister plant via the mail by mistake kind of security? Or perhaps this person is talking about the Indian Point security where intrusion alarms are ignored as it is assumed a small animal has comprimised security. Maybe it is the kind of Entergy security that saw a control room employee sleeping?

Seems that any AUTHORIZED large truck will be Lojack monitored, and voice coached all the way into the facility. Further, any such LARGE VEHICLE with special circumstances will even have helicopter surveillance as it heads towards, and arrives at the plant. Any unauuthorized vehicles, according to this comment poster would be STOPPED by berms and vehicle barriers, which are always in place. OK, we know about these vehicle barriers, and how inadequate they could be under the right situation.

The commenter then talks about Indian Points GREAT the one along the river, where anyone can stand across the river from the plant any time they want? You mean the great wall, where someone could lob shoulder launched grenades/rockets at will for a limited period of time, the same shoulder launched grenades, rockets and even mortars that the NRC eliminated from the DBT. Further, lets keep something in mind as we explore security at Indian Point...a truck bomb set off in Iraq today killed 105 people...would this commenter have us believe, that Indian Point can stop vehicle bombs at the plant, when our military forces are having no such luck stopping suicide bombers in Iraq, who seem capable of attacking when and where they want at will?

The poster seems absolutely sure, that Indian Point's WALL of concrete can stop anything up to, and including a M1A1 Main Battle tank...ODD, Bush has told us a wall will not keep out illegal aliens, that building a fence/wall along our Souther border with Mexico will not stop illegal aliens from gaining entry, but we are too believe that Indian Point's comedy of errors security force can stop a determined group of say 20 well trained terrorists? Further, what if said explosives laden vehicle is not the main attack, but a diversion...oh, let us guess, the poster would have us believe Indian Point would know this, and thus ignore the attack, let the truck harmlessly explode...

Further, according to the commenter,Indian Point has posted deliberately misleading road signs at Indian Point, that will lead the intruders into a DISARM AND KILL zone far away from the reactors. Sure, a terrorist is going to be looking for road signs if they get onto the sight, they would not have taken the time to download from the internet the various assorted maps and aerial views of the sight. Further, sure a fake sign leading them away from the highly visiable reactors would FOOL THEM!

I've posted the commenters remarks below in their entirety...I give them little if any credibility, but do ask this question. If this person is really in the know, if some of the security enhancements he speaks about are true, what is he doing sharing them out on the internet?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Terrorist Attack On Indian Point-Explosives Laden ...":
Porgie, should I just say right off that you are a VERY unrealistic individual, which means almost any objection you can bring up is nonsense, on its face. That said, lets dive into your "Large explosive laden truck" scenario.

First, large trucks are an oddity at Indian Point. Trucks over a certain size, length, and weight cannot enter the site by any means at all. Any such oversize arrivals must be tightly coordinated with a security sponsor, for a gate removal. The truck so favored will be Lojack-monitored (and voice-coached) every inch of its travel from its source, to its arrival outside, but not in, Indian Point. If any special circumstances attach, the said truck will even be overflown by helicopter surveillance during its entire trip.

The arrival/acceptance area at Indian Point is over a mile from any vital machinery, and is so situated that a series of earth mounds, or berms, intervene between the gate and the plant. Let us say that Indian Point decides to test these provisions by exploding a large truck at the arrival area. The force of the explosion will be directed upward, into the air , dissipating harmlessly.

Let us now revert to consideration of a hostile large truck, without an overflight, without a security sponsor. It can not enter the plant under any circumstances. The preventive vehicle barriers which are always in place, will not be removed, and so said truck can explode in Buchanan, or at 351 Dyckman Street Peekskill, but it cannot explode within a mile of Indian Point nuclear plant.

Moreover, even if the truck were aided and abetted by a sleeper Al Qaeda operative posing as its security sponsor, and gained a gate removal operation, the areas accessible for large vehicles outside "The Great Wall of IPEC" do not intersect with any vehicle lanes coming near any vital equipment.

Any vehicle-accessible area at IPEC is strictly segregated from any vital machinery, and the segregation is rather large and chunky--- 8 foot high, 8 foot thick reinforced concrete wall barriers insurmountable even by M1A1 Main Battle tanks.

Moreover, intentionally deceptive road signposts have been installed, to be ignored by those in the know, but directing any unsuspecting newbie into a "Disarm and Kill" area set aside for security problems, in a corner of the campus not containing any vital machinery.

To waste one's single martyrdom on such a guaranteed failure, is not in the spirit of Wahabb Sunnist correct action. A martyr must behave as the prophet would have behaved, and will target a less prepared enemy, for maximum effect.

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