Tuesday, November 20, 2007

AllGreen is All Right

I have just seen the new premiere edition of “AllGreen,” the winter edition, and have to say that this is a welcome addition to the environmental community, and a concept that I hope to see spread to other states, or turn into a national publication.
We need publications that can steer people towards Green Solutions to living their own lives, and in doing so, helping families in making a contribution towards solving Global Warming, and healing our Mother Earth. AllGreen helps to provide that conduit.

I myself am thinking about doing some extensive renovation of my 100 year old home here in Peekskill, New York. The magazine has led me to reach out already to two of the advertisers, Green Home Solutions, and Green Demolitions as I figure out how to make me and my wife’s house our dream home, while leaving a smaller foot print on the environment. Another’s discarded kitchen cabinetry may become the foundation of our new kitchen. A green builder may be able to see that the new roof and siding on our home help us to conserve energy.

Moving forward, I hope to see AllGreen include some articles on important issues facing all of us, hope to see them publish articles that make us think, even debate important issues and choices as we move to seek solutions to Global Warming. All and all though, their first issue was a great read.
AllGreen is widely distributed throughout the state of Connecticut. You can also visit their new website, www.allgreen.com, where the entire content of the allGreen premiere issue is available as a Flash file.

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