Saturday, November 24, 2007

GNB blogger on cover of Route 66 Pulse newspaper

Last year I took a drive down Route 66 promoting electric cars, so tourists can still drive the old road without spending $1000's worth of gas.

My trip was a big hit... Garnering the support of just about every road side attraction owner and preservation leader. Jim Conkle of Route 66 Pulse and Electrifying Times, the electric car magazine published by Bruce Meland, carved a strategic alliance.

I chronicled my two week odyssey through Americana with a Sony kindly lent to me by Wendy Brawer of Green Map. Sadly, silly me, I stuck the mini-dv video tapes in a coat pocket with my cell phone, erasing precious pixels. Dreams of a high end DVD documentary went out the window.

Despite the tear in my eye, Brian Howard of The Daily Green edited the damaged footage at Columbia University, into something way cool for Google video, with an original soundtrack by Ken Sasaki and the Tiki Boys. We named it Toaster 66, after a nickname for the Scion xB. Another nickname is The Box 66 where you can find lots of photos and contacts from the trip.

The Route 66 Pulse newspaper is distributed all along the old Route 66. They are sharing a booth with Electrifying Times at the EVS23 electric vehicle symposium in Anaheim Dec 2nd thru the 5th. Yesterday we heard from Bill Martin, the mayor of Atlanta, IL who is throwing his official support for America's first Electric Highway.

"We want to go on record as saying Atlanta is very interested in working with Remy Chevalier in helping realize his dream of establishing recharging stations along Rt. 66. Atlanta, being the midway point along Rt. 66 in Illinois, definitely wants to help locate a recharging site here in town."

I look forward to driving down Route 66 again soon with a 100% electric car, helping all the wonderful people I met along the way realize what is now become our common dream.

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