Friday, November 23, 2007

A Green Christmas Shout Out To Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions
We met the wonderful folks at Green Home Solutions back in October at a Fairfield Green Drinks event. After the event, around ten of us decided to break bread, and Bill and his wife were a part of that contingent.
Now, for most of those who know the Green Nuclear Butterfly, we are not ones to give praise easily. So, when we tell you this is a place where every Green Santa should be shopping for ways to Green up the home, it is a heartfelt recommendation. When it comes to walking the walk, Green Home Solutions is one of the leaders of the pack, bringing concerned citizens products that will help each of us do our part in solving Global Warming.


167 Main Street
Norwalk, CT 06851
(203) 846-6060 F (203) 849-9494

Click here for Showroom directions

Green Building Supplies 2008

Coming in 2008 a new state of the art interactive showroom and distribution center. We will update you soon as to when and where.

If you are looking for a green employment opportunity, please fax your resume to
203-849-9494 or e-mail us at

PS: They feature some great articles

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Anonymous said...

Great Place, Great Products, and the best part great people willing to help figure it out. When I first started looking into building my new house I could'nt find anyone who had the whole package, They do. Check them out at

Thanks GHS.. Lori T.