Monday, November 19, 2007

Why We Should Give Edwards A Closer Look

There are a whole lot of important issues in the upcoming 2008 election cycle, but none more important than Global Warming, and how we go about trying to solve it. That makes energy perhaps the most important issue in the campaign. That being said, we need to take a look at the three front runners for the Democratic Ticket (Clinton, Obama and Edwards). Of the three, both Clinton and Obama are hedging their bets publicly, riding the proverbial fence in a non committal way. Privately, they are lapping up the generosity of the Pro-Nuclear donors, with Hillary even taking money from Entergy attorneys.

Edwards on the other hand has come out and stated in no uncertain terms that he is OPPOSED to nuclear energy as a solution to Global Warming. That in and of itself makes him a candidate that we need to give a second look too, and perhaps even a third or fourth look. Unless Hillary Clinton is willing to return ALL NUCLEAR TAINTED Campaign Funds, and stand up on the Anti Nuclear side of the equation, the citizens of Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont and New York should REJECT HER.

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