Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Remy Susan Wars-Wrong On Both Parts

Even when I try to take a vacation, get away, recharge my battery, I find myself being dragged into the fray even deeper. I returned from a Bridge Tournament...yes, I play bridge, to find that all hell had broken out in our local Anti-Nuclear community, with people being asked to pick sides in the fight. It all would probably be a NON ISSUE, a private matter between two private parties if at the heart of it all were not both a young and old music legend in Ani Difranco and Pete Seeger, who are doing a music benefit this Friday night to benefit (supposedly) local efforts to shut down Indian Point.

Susan Shapiro, former President of FUSE USA it seems has marched into a local court (using her families political contacts, and daddies money?) seeking an order of protection against eccentric local green guru Remy Chevalier that would require him to stay at least 500 feet away from Susan Shapiro at all times. Despite her protestations, from my own perspective, Susan Shapiro is over reaching, and I have heard her privately say far more demeaning things about Remy Chevalier than he has said about her, including his Christmas Season email greeting (which I have not seen).

Let's face it, when we are pissed off, we tend to say some things, use some words that we might later regret...or not. For instance, I did in fact and deed call the three judge panel in the Indian Point License Renewal case a bunch of pro-nuclear industry pricks, and stand by my ascertion. I know in his email diatribe, that Remy used the b word...curious here, when and if this whole matter goes to court, will Mr. Chevalier get a chance to submit evidence to support his contention, and if so what is the level of proof required to have someone legally deemed a bitch? Further, has Ms. Shapiro given any consideration to this, given due diligence to the repercussions of having a jury agree with Remy Chevalier that she is a bitch? Not saying he could meet the burden of proof for such a declaration, but WHAT IF HE CAN? Would he then be legally entitled to advertise the fact that a court of law, a jury of his peers agrees with his published ascertion that Susan Shapiro is a bitch? Does any one really care?

I wonder if the judge is going to bother looking into all the under lying issues...for that matter, has Pete Seeger or Ani DiFranco or their handlers bothered to look into the issues surrounding this latest court case or Remy's claim that Susan Shapiro stole a benefit that rightfully belongs to FUSE USA? I know they have not bothered to speak with all sides to understand the truth, as none of Ani DiFranco's people have reached out to me on the matter. What exactly has Remy Chevalier so upset with Susan Shapiro? Is there some substance to his claim that Susan Shapiro STOLE THE Ani DiFranco/Pete Seeger Event away from FUSE USA, and thus by proxy away from Remy Chevalier.

Perhaps the judge should ask Susan Shapiro to produce into evidence a late September/early October email that was sent to both I, and Ulrich Witte wherein Susan Shapiro makes it official that we (we being FUSE USA) have Ani DiFranco committed to a concert to benefit FUSE USA, but that she does not want us making the information public until all the contracts are signed. WHOOPS, is that an inconvenient truth I just let slip out of the bag? Maybe I am expecting to much here, but where are Pete Seeger and Ani DiFranco in resolving this dispute, and setting the parties down, and doing what is right, upholding their promises as originally made? Remy is absolutely correct when he states that the Ani DiFranco concert was a FUSE USA event! I do have the email to prove that contention.

Perhaps the judge should take a close look at how Susan is more than likely justifying now owning that event, and the supposedly legal board votes that were taken on November 7th, 2007 wherein Michele Lee, Susan Shapiro and Maureen Ritter gave themselves full right and ownership of ALL FUSE USA property, then immediately resigned from the board after wiping out all the funds in the FUSE USA checking account. Again I am curious to know if Pete Seeger or Ani DiFranco have bothered to look into THESE FACTS? Why haven't they asked the very obvious question...where is FUSE USA, or is that something that was also disposed of behind closed doors? If it was disposed of behind closed doors, are these two music legends awared of all the fingerprints left behind to prove the facts I am alleging here?

Susan Shapiro is an attorney...she represented FUSE USA on its board, but also as its attorney of record before the NRC, and in other legal matters. Is the judge going to look at the fact that some two months later, Susan Shapiro has NOT returned to FUSE USA the entire NRC legal file and all under lying documents?

Seems to me, that if Remy Chevalier is going to be dragged before a court for losing his temper and saying some stupid, ill advised things in an email, then so too should the judge take a serious look at Susan Shapiro, and all the events that led up to that email...after all, it should be important to serving justice to put that email in its proper perspective.

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