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The Remy Susan Wars, Part Two-The Stolen Concert

So, tomorrow night is the BIG Pete Seeger, Ani DiFranco Anti Indian Point Concert in Nyack NY that Susan Shapiro is TAKING ALL THE CREDIT FOR....well, as the old saying goes, hold the phone, we have LATE BREAKING NEWS on this whole STOLEN CONCERT STORY, and Susan's claim that she deserves all the credit, as well as proof that tends to support Remy Chevalier's claim that Susan Shapiro STOLE this significant fund raising event from FUSE USA when on November 7th she tenured her resignation as the organization's president. As a first hand observer of the events, I know for a fact that Friday night's concert was supposed to be, and had been planned as a FUSE USA fund raiser...further more, I know for a fact that Ani DiFranco made a commitment to do this show for FUSE USA while Susan Shapiro was president of FUSE, this raises a serious question...who is LEGALLY ENTITLED to the funds from Friday nights big Anti Indian Point concert? Some legal experts might weigh all the evidence and say FUSE USA, a still very viable organization is the rightful recipient of these thing is for sure...Ani DiFranco and Pete Seeger should sit down with all parties before ANY OF THE PROCEEDS are distributed, and make sure that all these issues are resolved before the monies are doled out:

9/25/2007 10:36:51 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (This one from Remy)

The Paramount can no longer say no to John Hall... he's their Congressman!

They're opposing the $50 billion tax loan guarantee... but don't worry, we have bridges, like Summer Rayne Oakes... again, I know Bonnie's manager... Jackson Brown is a friend of Nicole Landers, who I did a party with in LA a few months ago... they will be made to pick Indian Point as a central focus of the anti-nuclear effort, by virtue of ground work already done by Rock The Reactors and Green Nuclear Butterfly since April 2006.

This is about connections and coalition building... they may not have time to directly focus on Indian Point, but what we will do will automatically bring the public's attention to focus on IP as their number one target...

Ani would be great...

Contact Phineas and the Lonely Leaves... ask them to play... they are friends of the folks at the Bruised Apple bookstore... they are an amazing new band... grew up in Peekskill...

Another is Slambovian Circus of Dreams, big cult following in this area... grew up in Sleepy Hollow... they helped Rock The Reactors in 2006... If we have a space, and a date, we can invite a lot of performers... there's Stacy Fine who promoted the gig in Woodstock... she's married to the editor of High Times, knows the folks at Paper magazine... knows a lot of musicians... ALL the folks down at the Camp Hill Farm are professional musicians... with some very illustrious associations...

If we get Peter Shapiro on board to help, now with Peter Alexander, and Ken Hays of Gathering of the Vibes... there's going to start a buzz about what we want to do... people will come forward... we just need to stirr the pot... impress on people, a win against Indian Point, will open up the door for a flood of renewable opportunities... a tipping point...

Susan, since Monday, WE have become the anti-nuclear movement, by simple virtue of Wetlands...They will come to us for answers now, because we suddenly got the NRC on the ropes... Nobody has done this before... we're showing them how it's done...

Realize the action Sherwood and I did on the Paramount a few months ago, putting Indian Point information in the hands of all the Bob Weir fans, made a major dent... we just don't experience the results of these things until a little later, delayed reaction... because it's about viral tactics, not front page news, but slow, progressive cultural shifts... it's hard to explain, just watch it happen.

Don't count on the Paramount they get lots of funding from Entergy. We have Riverspace booked for January 19 with Pete Seeger. we need more musicans to play then.

I had a long talk with Tom CAmpbell today, who basiscally says that the regular suspects Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt ,etc are busy setting up a new anti nuke movement and probalbky won't have time for us. (unless of course we can access them directly). Apparently the national issue is there is a bill in front of congress right now to give endless taxpayer funds to nukes and that;s what they are waging a war on.

I tried to express that our battle could help shut them down, but he seemed to think they were already committed in another direction. He has been trying to get Ani DiFranco to committ but no luck yet.

At this point anyone we can get to play with Pete in Nyack in January 18 or 19 would be great for a start. I am seeing Pete this weekend and will ask him to sign a letter asking other musicans to help out.


A few years ago Debra Harry said she'd do a concert (but I think she was really only into RFKJr.) but since I haven't had time to focus on this, and find my old list ... there used to be some website that was great ... something like WHo represents who?? so you got current contact info.

Maybe you know it.

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RemyC said...

The way Sherwood has this posted, it makes it appear as if Susan wrote this entire email. She did not, it's an email thread. The part on top is my response to her email at the bottom, but because Sherwood uses the same font, and the same color for both, without proper break between what I wrote and what Susan wrote, it appears with Susan's signature at the bottom, as if Susan wrote the whole thing. She did not. Her email text start here with the words:
"Don't count on the Paramount they get lots of funding from Entergy."
What's on top is mine, what's on bottom is hers.
My comment about Ani being great... was in response to Susan affirmation that a process had begun to invite Ani to play at Riverspace, a venue Susan had secured prior to her joining FUSE USA, but was not able to organize into a viable until she met Tom from MUSE, and relayed to him my suggestion that Ani would be a great draw!
It really is he said, she said, I'm fully aware of this... Despite it all, this event, because as a team, the FUSE USA team, we worked months on bringing it together, should have stayed and remained a FUSE USA event, and not walked out the door with Susan. I give her full credit for orchestrating it, making it happen... but resent that she did not credit my inspiration, and removed our organization from being its benefactor.
In the end, the movement to shut down Indian Point suffers, because the momentum and aftermath of this event tonight, is just as important, if not more important than the event itself, and because FUSE USA has been excluded by Susan from the process, it's lost ALL of its punch!