Sunday, August 31, 2008

An update from the co-founder of this place!

Well, looks like Green Nuclear Butterfly is in the news again, with its owner Sherwood Martinelli mentioned in a post on the Hearst Daily Green blog, side by side with Rock The Reactors. We're going up in the world! Who knew that social climbing was a prerequisite to shutting down a nuke!

Where is Sherwood by the way... has he gone missing... it's like finding Waldo! Few days ago he allowed the FUSE USA website (RIP) to vanish from cyberspace, and with it, now countless dead links to anti-nuke history!
It's official, the headless horse woman of Sleepy Hollow killed it dead! Cause she was terrified of losing the good graces, falling out of favor with the sleek politico-jet-setters, afraid of an old dead head and a head banger!
But we did get the Intervener Petition and Contention process off the ground, that we did, that's ours, even though Riverkeeper, IPSEC and Clearwater kept telling us it's too late, it's hopeless, nobody has the time... forget about it! Fooee! Look at it now, Indian Point is the talk of town!!! The rallying point, the call to arms, the beacon on the Hudson!
And yet, to the headless horse woman's credit, Chris Walken having nothing on this horror, she did grasp the logic, fished our sad crew from the murky waters of the counter culture, and brought in a so-called expert, who we now hear is finally working pro-bono, after fleecing the anti-nuke movement for a Mercedes and fat steak!

Hope springs eternal, the anti-nuclear universe, and the world of high fashion are about to seamlessly come together... form the alliance of the Century. I won't spill the beans here, you'll have to follow the bouncing ball and the trail of bread crumbs. But anyone who has been paying attention knows where all the major players and trigger points are.

I for one started posting on the Paranoids Online blog the other night. It's the entire Paranoia magazine crew. They invited me, so I said yes. Few weeks ago I also started writing for the Greenloop blog, doing a series of interviews with green fashion royalty. And mark my words, I use these opportunities to spread my little seeds of "Nukuler" dissention everywhere I go.
So hang on to your hats, cause here we go again! Our Rock The Reactors girl is going to Greece, Spain, Italy, traveling the world spreading the anti-nuclear gospel... just cause she is, just cause she is.

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