Thursday, September 4, 2008

Status of FUSE USA contentions - Richard Barkley NRC

From: Richard Barkley NRC
To: Remy Chevalier
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Subject: RE: what is status of fuse usa contentions

(Personal correspondence edited for clarity. RemyC)


Here is what I found out

1) The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board struck (or rejected) FUSE's petition to intervene by Order of February 1, 2008. Appeals from that decision were due on February 11, 2008; however, no appeal was filed.

2) FUSE designated Sherwood to serve as its representative. After Sherwood was barred from the proceeding in December 2007, FUSE named John LeKay as its representative. Communications by the NRC concerning the adjudicatory proceeding are sent to the representative designated by the organization. Thus that is why you haven't received anything in the mail. I assume you know John LeKay and can get information from him.

License renewal applications are reviewed by the NRC Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, in Rockville, MD. The Licensing Board and NRC Staff involved in the review and adjudication are also located in Rockville, MD. I am not directly involved in license renewal matters, but rather have acted to answer public questions on this subject and facilitate public meetings.

3) The NRC website has a link to the Electronic Hearing Docket for each adjudicatory proceeding, where members of the public can find Licensing Board and Commission Orders, and documents filed by the participants in the proceeding. Documents are also readily available in the NRC's ADAMS system.
Try this link:
All of this information is available to the public.

At this point, the ASLB admitted fifteen (15) contentions into consideration, out of roughly 150 contentions submitted. New York State had the most admitted; some of their issues closely mimicked the issues that FUSE submitted. That is by far the most admitted at any nuclear station that requested license renewal. Hearings on those contentions will incur in the coming months.

Make sure you check out the Electronic Hearing Docket. It should have links to all of the hearing resources you are interested in. It's at

Once in the EHD, click on folder Indian_PT_2&3_50-247&50-286-LR
and you'll find board orders, commission and board orders, Pleadings, and Transcripts. You should be able to find any communications in the proceeding there, organized by date.

I also want to give you a link with the ALSB hearing process so you can keep up with the status of current issues.

Richard S. Barkley, PE
Technical Communications Assistant, Region I
(610) 337-5065

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