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Should We Be Told Truth...NRC Wants To Know

Below is an article I JUST HAD TO SHARE...seems that our friends (cough, cough) at the NRC are holding a meeting tomorrow in Rockland Maryland on (of all things) the topic of what horrid accidents and near misses at Nuclear Plants THEY SHOULD SHARE WITH THE PUBLIC! Now that news should make everyone so VERY HAPPY here in the area surrounding Indian Point. If everyone wants to have some fun, call up and JOIN THE CONFERENCE, voice your opinions.
Nuclear Radiating Committee (NRC) Asks For Your Two Cents!
By Cathy Garger
Sep 1, 2008, 19:07

A modern day twist on the Oliver Twist story: Oliver Twist to the NRC: “Please sir, [although you’ve already dosed me] I want some more…”

After studying for years about the lies told to the American people in order to manufacture two radiological wars, I have to admit that it takes a whole lot these days to surprise me. Still, I find the gall of those tasked with radioactively assaulting us (in the name of providing energy, national security, and defense) to be almost beyond belief. In fact, I’m having trouble closing my jaw after reading this piece in the Lynchburg News titled, “Nuclear Regulatory Commission seeks input on whether to open up.”

It is nearly unfathomable to me that the NRC would have the audacity to ask for our two cents on whether or not they should candidly release to the public the dangerous mishaps, disasters, and near-disasters committed at nuke facilities around this irradiated nation. Ostensibly, they pretend to be in a quandary over their perceived “transparency” and whether or not we want them to communicate the truth about their aging, decrepit 103 nuclear reactors (or 157, if McCain gets the job) and other radioactive facilities over which it reportedly oversees.

Oh how charming that the US Nuclear Radiating Committee takes us all for utter morons! This week, a stone’s throw away from the national district of crime, the NRC will be making out as if they’re just not so sure how important it is to reveal the truth about nuclear accidents and “leaks” – or, would we just prefer to skip all the dirty little details and be kept (glowingly) in the dark?

Thanks to the Departments of [Nukuler] Energy and War, our citizens are being “dosed” with steady doses of invisible, daily emissions of life-destroying, disease-causing, radioactive gasses. And now, in the midst of the job, they’re basically asking us how much we want to know about the whole stinkin’ dirty deal? I mean, they’ve been nuking this nation ever since the nuclear bombing of the US first began in New Mexico sixty-three (63) years ago, but we’re just now being asked whether or not the federal nuking agency is transparent enough for our druthers?

These hazardous aerosols, which contaminate our air, water, and soil, are routinely released by these aging dinosaurs of nuclear power plants and by Uranium weapons national “research” laboratories and radioactive materials “test” sites where radioactive materials (e.g., Depleted Uranium and Tritium) are blasted regularly into our air.

Yet suddenly now, the quite off-balanced and undeniably twisted Uncle Sam, on his augmented, hell-bent drive for even greater enviro-destruction and wasting of public health, has the Chutzpah to ask our opinion? Isn’t it a bit odd that the feds now want to appear like they give a darn whether or not we want to know all the gritty details when things go a bit (or a lot) awry at these federal poison factories? Isn’t that like asking us if we would like to be informed that our kids’ chewing gum is being laced with rat poison (Aspartame) – or would we simply rather not know?

This is a blatant admission that yes, radiological “accidents” [sic] can and do happen, and those in charge are positioning themselves as being candid about “nuking” us with these radiological releases. Yet curiously, we are expected to believe that, as if a naughty pre-adolescent prankster-with-a-guilty conscience, the federal nukers now, for some inexplicable reason, somehow feel compelled to solicit our preference for becoming either informed-and-irradiated citizens – or, for having the “privilege” of just not knowing?

This just doesn’t make any sense at all. Those in power have been promiscuously bombarding us from coast to coast with radioactive materials for into the seventh decade. And we’d be utter fools to believe they have even a bit of desire to be transparent about any of it at this (late) stage of the game.

Appearances count, I suppose, when you are talking about nuking your population. And good will – or rather, the charade of appearing to possess it-matters. This is the psychological justification for asking Americans just how transparent we want our nuclear irradiators to be. It’s all about public perception and people getting the (mistaken) notion that those who blast our atmosphere and environment with radiation actually care to hear our viewpoints on how open they should be about their nuclear sins and transgressions.

Politically, as part of the game plan to continuously try to make Americans believe that something resembling democracy actually exists, this pro-nuke push has all been spelled out for us by the two puppets positioned for symbolic leadership at the helm. And while I do not generally commend members of the GOP, one has to give credit where credit is rightfully due. At least McCain has been transparent with his nukuler stance, making it crystal clear, in no uncertain terms, that he loves the heck out of nuclear power.

Obama has been almost as openly supportive of new nukes, telling us he is going to find ways to safely harness nuclear power.” Yet, Obama, the supposedly more “progressive” of the two lame non-choices - who provide a public presence merely for our political distraction and bemusement- must have some secret, magical trick up his sleeve regarding how he plans on keeping us “safe,” given the predictable break-downs of old, worn-down parts and leaky fixtures… casualties of decades of use in these creaky old nuke power plants. Well, either that or Obama’s certifiably delusional. Take your pick.

In other words, it would be ludicrous to believe that Obama has any intent of putting his behind on the line to stop the hugely expanding nukuler “biz” anytime soon. Nope, our other political figurehead is merely just another business-as-usual, nuke-industry lover, hiding behind the more historically eco-friendly political party for disguise!

Rest assured of one thing, America. Like it or not, unless we take action –in an unprecedented, magnificently huge way – and fast? We are only going to continue to be nuked – and increasingly “dosed” at that - over time. And we can be fully confident in the absolute certainty our federal nukers are only upping our health-destroying “dose” as we speak.

The agenda is quite clearly stated by the US Government as it stands today, as they busily scramble to approve the construction of nearly three dozen more nuclear reactors around the nation. And if you’re still not convinced this is a concerted effort for a nukuler “resurgence” (that is, nukes, nukes, and more nukes in fast ‘n’ furious pace)? Please don’t take my word for it, but just take a gander at the US Department of [Nukuler] Energy’s Global Nuclear Energy Partnership website.

This international wealth-building endeavor pairs up governments and corporations for all kinds of lusciously lucrative financial deals together. We’ve cozied up first with the French government, becoming entangled in French AREVA’s nuclear tentacles into the Chesapeake Bay at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant and other US nuclear sites.

And the rampant build-up of nuclear power and re-processing plants has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with citizen safety - nor about providing clean sources of energy either, for that matter. As stated on the best anti-nuclear blog around, the Green Nuclear Butterfly, “Nuclear energy is neither safe, nor green, and the time to seek a different pathway to energy independence without nuclear is upon us.”

All nuclear power plants emit lethal radionuclides into our environment, toxically and radioactively contaminating our air, water, and soil. Some of these hazardous materials remain in our environment for millions – even billions of years.

By now you might be asking yourself just what’s a concerned citizen who doesn’t quite appreciate being nuked - either transparently or not - to do? Why not consider taking a road trip or hopping on a plane to suburban Maryland right outside the nation’s capital if you’re able to get here on Thursday, September 4? If you can’t come to the capital area that day (or can’t stomach the stench emanating out of this corrupt city) you can instead make plans to participate via Teleconference.

It is high time all of us who object to the growing radiological poisoning of the United States environment and people stand together and protest this escalating domestic-nuking madness. It is clearly obvious the Nuclear Radiation Committee needs now to feel some mighty tremendous “heat”…that is, the “heat” of our malcontent citizens… a fever borne of justified, outraged indignation concerning the “heat” from man-made radiation, which the federal nukers’ cell-damaging, destroying, and mutating nukuler life-obliterating equipment and Uranium weapons “toys” emit.

And in making your decision about coming to the place where all nukuler dreams are borne, incubated, and grown, please consider the implications of *not* acting upon the augmented, purposeful, slow-cooking-by-nukes… of our nation – our land, nature, wildlife, and people.

Unlike Oliver Twist, we simply must not accept the garbage – in this case deadly radioactive hazards - we are inhaling, drinking, and being fed. We must never forget that our government operates only through our funding… and our good graces.

Isn’t it time, therefore, that we stand shoulder to shoulder and tell our public nukers, in no uncertain terms: No, Sir, I do not want some more of your nuclear pollution and contamination! That’s right, Sir, we do not want some more of your radioactive poisons! In fact, Sir, we’ve already had quite more than Enough!

See the NRC website for details on the Thursday, September 4 “transparency” meeting in Rockville, MD from 9:30 a.m. to noon described as “Solicit comments on openness and transparency of NRC security inspection findings and NRC assessment” and the opportunity to participate in a Teleconference for those unable to be physically present. It is high time, after all, that we insist that our federal government not just clear the air about what they are doing – but rather, demand they stop contaminating the air (and water and soil), as well.

Cathy Garger is a regular guest contributor to Axis of Logic. She is a freelance writer, public speaker, activist, and a certified personal coach whose writing is specialized in Uranium weapons. Living in the shadow of the national District of Crime, Cathy is constantly nauseated by the stench emanating from the nation's capital during the Washington, DC, federal work week. Cathy may be contacted at

Meeting Contact Info:

Meeting notice and agenda
Solicit comments on openness and transparency of NRC security inspection findings and NRC assessment of licensee security performance.

Meeting Date(s) & Time(s)
09:30AM -

Meeting Location
NRC One White Flint North
11555 Rockville Pike
Room: Commissioners' Conference Room
Rockville MD

Paul Harris
Phone: (301) 415 - 1169

Participation Level
Category 3

NRC Participant(s)
Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response
Region II

External Participant(s)

Adams Accession Number(s)
ML082280775 Meeting notice and agenda

Interested members of the public can participate in this meeting via a toll-free teleconference. For details, please call the NRC meeting contact.

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