Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Curious Here Why IPSEC Is Not Filing 2.206 Petitions?

Hello all...been sitting here on the sidelines all these months dealing with my wife's Indian Point caused breast cancer, and watching Entergy (so far) successfully swatting at the Anti Nuclear flies buzzing around the hearings on their License Renewal Application. (Think Riverkeeper, Clearwater, even the state Attorney General) Meanwhile, the turn coat Congressman John Hall not surprisingly has been all but SILENT in the fight, far more concerned with getting elected two more times too secure his pension than taking on the issues and keeping his campaign promise to do everything in his power to shut down Indian Point(but then Hilliary is no better)...curious here how many people see taking money from a Pro Nuclear Industry union as doing everything one can to shut down Indian Point? Maybe I'll put my house on the market and Entergy can buy it so that I can move out of the area...NOW THERE WOULD BE A STORY! Hey Steets, give me a call!

Anyway, back to 2.206 petitions...I long ago told many of the powers that be in the Anti Nuclear Movement that the most successful way of shutting down Indian Point(or any other facility) was to swamp NRC's office staff with an avalanche of paperwork...that strategy would and could still work. Or has everyone missed the articles on the HUGE MAN POWER SHORTAGE in the industry, including at the NRC? As example, the latest news on Earthquake faults coupled with the DEC's findings on fish kills opens up a whole new avenue for additional filings against Entergy and their crumbling Indian Point reactors over in Buchanan, NY. Has anyone contacted Underwater Welding in Connecticut to find out about the huge gash made in the spent fuel pool? (For that matter, has the NRC bothered to contact Sam Vale to find out what he knows about it?)

As for Indian Point's security against a terrorist's an idea for Entergy to contemplate. How about letting the citizens put together a DBT exercise in real time with a hand picked group of citizens armed with paintball guns? The citizens successfully infiltrate the plant, and land accurate shots on sensitive equipment, and Entergy forfeits their license? Say and attack team equivalent to that which attacked us on 9/11. Meanwhile, can anyone at the NRC explain why a high powered 50 cal rifle was taken off the list of weapons that Entergy and all other nuclear reactors have to defend against was taken off the list? After all, just about anyone so inclined could get their hands on one...rumor has it that said rifle is a favorite of LA Gangs. Could it have anything to do with the fact that a 50 cal. rifle with the right ammo makes Indian Points bullet resistent glass in their guard towers obsolete? Enquiring minds want to know. I am sure the CLOSED DOOR meetings with the NEI had nothing to do with it.

By the way...I said it before, and based on the adjudiction board's decisions so far in the Indian Point License Renewal, the three judge panel is a bunch of Pro Industry Pricks and stupid ones at that. Maybe they should look into security guards at the plant turning their backs while employees sneak their girlfriends into the facility for a little bump and grind away from the prying eyes of their spouses...whoops, shouldn't repeat what we hear in the local bars now should we? Even if what we heard came out of the lips of Indian Point staff. Face it folks...the board wants to get Indian Point relicensed before a serious accident happens at the plant...I base that on a letter I foundd on the White House web site from NEI, but then some would go so far as to call me a conspiracy nut even if they themselves don't trust George Bush and Dick Cheney.

In unrelated news...perhaps if Sarah Palin had taught her daughter about safe sex instead of preaching to her about abstinance, we would not have John McCain's vice presidential pick's daughter getting ready to give birth to a bastard child. Talk about a ticket...let's see, she is accused of trying to get her sister's former husband fired, her own husband is convicted of a DUI, and John McCain is an adulter by self about FAMILY VALUES! Should be a fun fall for the Democrats, even if John Hall did LIE TO US.

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