Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Indian Point, Entergy, NuStart, DOE, NRC, Electric Cars, Green Models OH MY!

If my readers ears have been ringing, it is not surprising...seems that my article on Summer Rayne's connection to ETS Energy Store, then ETS Energy Store's connections to BGA Engineering, coupled with BGA's ties to Indian Point have sounded those NON WORKING SIRENS over at Indian Point. If you are shaking your head wishing you had a program, don't feel alone, as this story gets more confusing with each passing radioactive contaminate escaping the failing Indian Point facility. It is time for us within the Green Movement to demand that our heroes, those we look up to, live up to the GREEN MANTLE they have chosen to wear. Summer Rayne must make a choice, as do others within the Green business community, and the larger community as a whole, including politicians like Congressman John Hall. You cannot claim to be GREEN, and embrace the dangerous and environmentally destructive Nuclear Industry.
Grist has gone so far as to proclaim Summer Rayne the Hottest eco-model on the horizon, some have even gone so far as to proclaim her the FIRST LADY of the environment, so finding her even indirectly associated with Indian Point is BIG NEWS in the Green Fashion Industry, or at least should be. This young (supposedly) social entrepreneur is in high demand, even showing up at the Vanity Fair "Green Issue" Party in an outfit that hinted of cream sickles melting on a globally warm day. Eco Models like Summer Rayne Oakes and Betcee, as well as other eco/social entrepreneurs such as Seth Leitman of ETS Energy Store have to realize that there is a responsibility that comes with the money and fame they seek in cloaking themselves and their business enterprises in the GREEN MANTLE of the grassroots environmental movement. To be GREEN, you have to ACT GREEN in all you say and do, or be labeled for what you are, which is a hypocrite.
In a nutshell, you cannot use the Green Movement and what it represents when it is convenient, cannot put on the Green Mantle like some costume or fashion accessory worn on SPECIAL OCCASIONS. If you are green, you make GREEN DECISIONS, and NUCLEAR IS NOT GREEN in any way, shape or fashion. CASEnergy, DOE, NRC, Entergy, NuStart and a host of other power players would like to use the GREEN MANTLE and people like Summer Rayne to remake the nuclear industry, but it cannot and will not be allowed, the nuclear industry must not be allowed to steal that which is not theirs to own. NuStart and the DOE would like to use the GREEN Industry (willingly or through stealth) to help them remake Nuclear into the Green ENERGY of the future, to replace NO NUKES with NO CO2's in getting the American Public to give said nuclear industry a second chance THEY DO NOT DESERVE. The game is afoot, and the alarm bells must be rung, those who have been tired and worn must come out of retirement as we push back this attempt to build a whole new generation of FAILED REACTORS. The elders of the GREEN MOVEMENT must come forward, act as mentors to this new young GREEN MOVEMENT before they are corrupted by the money changers in the halls of the Nuclear Industry, and governmental agencies willing to sell out human health and the environment for their own sick and sadistic machinations.
Don't think that the Green Nuclear Butterfly is singling out just a few Eco-Models as examples, as it is not just them, or certain players in the GREEN FASHION INDUSTRY who need to take a VERY PUBLIC STAND against Nuclear Power, NuStart, Entergy and the failing Indian Point Reactors. New York's new governor Eliot Spitzer has all but guaranteed the closure of Indian Point, promised to stand with fellow Indian Point oppenent, and newly elected Freshman Congressman John Hall (of Orleans Fame). Older members of Congress like Congressman Maurice Hinchey need to stand up in a very public way, must act as crusaders to not only SHUT DOWN INDIAN POINT, but to UNFUND George Bush's Nuclear 2010 plan for a whole new generation of reactors. More local politicians such as Westchester County Commissioner Andy Spano need to stop speaking with forked tongues, need to stand up on a stage before national news cameras and state that Indian Point WILL BE CLOSED, even if local law enforcement have to chain shut the gates to do it. Promising SWIFT ACTION to CLOSE INDIAN POINT can no longer be an empty campaign promise used to win over the GRASSROOTS, but must be followed by serious actions, including public outcry in front of the cameras on the six o'clock news.
How many famous musicians were on the Campaign Trail with Congressman John Hall singing out about the ills of Nuclear Energy, and bringing our troops home. They awakened our spirit in the grassroots again, gave us hope of better days ahead. The election is over, but those musicians have to realize they CANNOT, MUST NOT walk away and abandon the issues, abandon the people they energized. Pete Seeger, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, The Mammals, and even John Hall himself have a civic duty to LEAD THE FIGHT to CLOSE INDIAN POINT. Why aren't these musicians working with a group like Rock The Reactors to hold a MAJOR CONCERT to focus attention on this failing nuclear industry, and their 104 aging reactors, with Indian Point perched on top of the list as one of, if not the worst nuclear site in the entire world besides Chernobyl?
Imagine the INTERNATIONAL PRESS ATTENTION that could be focused on Entergy's failing reactors at Indian Point if New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Congressmen Hall and Hinchey were flanked by super models Betcee and Summer Rayne, with the entire group backed up by the likes of Pete Seeger, Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt...THAT IS FRONT PAGE NEWS, that is prime time 6:00 PM on ABC, CBS, NBC, BCC, CNN and even die hard Bush Channel FOX. In short, that group of people standing together in a unified voice could ROCK THE REACTORS, could shut down Indian Point...but, that requires them to be leaders, requires them to be socially conscious beings, requires them to stand on the side of right and justice against all odds, and if they do that, groups like Green Peace, Riverkeeper, Sierra Club and others will be right there beside them as we do what must be done, which is close Indian Point, and pull the plug on a failed industry. It's the right thing to do.

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