Friday, January 5, 2007

John Wheeler, Shill For Nuclear Industry At It Again

Chernobyl was SAFE, SECURE and VITAL.
John Wheeler, the Nuclear Industry's self appointed shill is at it again over on his "This Week in Nuclear link included. Seems he's jumped into the fray with other nuclear industry hacks bent on blowing me and my blog OUT OF THE WATER, using fear and hidden threats to silence the voice of reason where the failing Indian Point Nuclear plant is concerned. Funny how no one in the world cared what I wrote about until I started writing about Indian Point, NuStart, Entergy and the DOE Nuclear 2010 plan created by the same man who brought us the Iraq War, George W. Bush. Now I have invisible people putting up attack pages here on blogspot, and instead of attacking what I have to say, the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY and those who support it have stooped to outing my wife, outing not only her real name, but where she wife has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY OPINIONS, but that does not matter...using her is a convenient threat...a quiet way of saying, we can HURT YOU, and WE WILL. What's next, bricks through my front window?
Now Wheeler attacked me on his weekly podcast several weeks ago...episode #38 if my memory serves me correctly. Sure he would swear he is not tracking/stalking me, yet he suddenly is blogging about what is going on, adding fuel to an ever growing fire. Problem is, he speaks half truths, speaks with a forked tongue, and uses subterfuge to SCARE PEOPLE into believing Nuclear Energy, Indian Point are safe, secure, vital, and the only REAL CHOICE as we move forward. Plain and simple, in my opinion, WHEELER IS WRONG, fooled, coerced, perhaps bought off by the industry that has supported his comfortable way of life for decades now, clothed his children, paid for their education, probably purchased his house.
He claims that Nuclear Energy is CO2 free...the gaseous diffusion plant in Portsmouth Ohio where much of the enriched uranium created in the past 50 years came from, required NINE utility companies (who burned coal) to supply and meet their electrical needs...the Portsmouth plant at full operational speed required daily enough electricity to power Los Angeles County for one year. Suppose that Mr. Wheeler does not want to count that in Nuclear Industry Waste streams? Curious...Indian Point pumps 2.5 BILLION gallons of water out of the Hudson River daily, returns it to said river WARMER than when it went in. Has Mr. Wheeler done any statistical investigations on the CULMALATIVE EFFECTS on global warming from over 400 reactors world wide dumping that much HEATED WATER back into our rivers, that in turn carry their now warmed waters to the oceans? about the BILLIONS of pounds of depleted uranium? I've driven around the Gaseous Diffusion plant in Ohio. What about all the contaminated plant parts sent to Barnwell? You know John, like the one that Entergy sent off that was improperly WRAPPED...want to talk about the worker exposed to the dangerous exposures from that incident? How about the problem with the part they sent to another facility...want to discuss that? Or, how about the near accident in Texas where DOD workers tired and overworked almost detonated a nuclear bomb 100 times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima.
He puts forward RED HERRING arguments to support his cause, his pay DADDIES cause, such as when he talks about an oil pipeline explosion/fire that killed hundreds of people...we all remember that news story. What Mr. Wheeler fails to tell us, is that explosion occurred because people were trying to TAP INTO THE SYSTEM TO STEAL FUEL. Try some truthiness there Mr. Wheeler. By the way, how much waste does a single reactor create on a yearly basis Mr. Wheeler? Think I recall it averages about 4 metric tons. So, 104 reactors here in America, that's 416 Metric tons of WASTE (that the DOE cannot for the life of itself figure out what to do with...Yucca is not going to happen, you and I both know that) times say only 50 years. That starts adding up. Of course, that does not include ANY DECOMMISSIONING WASTE, does not include any of the parts that have to be sent to Barnwell, which has some serious SPACE PROBLEMS Mr. Wheeler. much waste from the Nuclear Industry is already stored at Envirocare, or at nuclear sites all around the country?
By the way...speculation on the limited world wide supply of Uranium has pushed the price up to over $100 a pound...has any one done any charts and analysis to figure out how long our world supply would last at current usage rates, let alone PROJECTED USAGE RATES? Sure, lets make the same mistake we made with fossil fuels of putting ALL OUR EGGS in a FINITE BASKET...makes perfect sense....NOT. Renewable energy...that leaves NUCLEAR OUT. Let me guess, you are going to tell us scientists are working on some "Lost in Space" plan to mine additional product from some asteroid yet to be found? Maybe start mining the moon once George Bush gets his permanent base built up there? OH! maybe when he gets that base up there, the Nuclear Industry has plans to SHIP OUR WASTE THERE, since no one would be there to object?
By the to share with our readers how much of the cost of subsidizing the planned Nuclear Rebirth is being paid for with our taxes compliments of DOE matching funds? Care to share with our readers how we are screwed if a major incident does happen, since the Price Waterhouse Act protects the nuclear industry from the costs incurred in the aftermath of said MAJOR INCIDENT...that coupled with that nice little exclusion on our insurance policies for nuclear attacks and or accidents pretty well screws EVERY PROPERTY OWNER in a host area if they live through said incident. Sure, you and other shills like you just keep beating those drums and telling people Indian Point and the nuclear industry is safe, secure and vital. Meanwhile, as I know those attacking me are reading my blog, show some don't like my views, I can live with that...leave my wife out of the fight. Attack my version of events, prove me wrong...prove to me that Indian Point is safe, secure and vital, prove to me you can figure out what to do with the waste streams they create. Prove to me that the Nuclear Industry, the NRC and our government would MAKE US WHOLE after a major incident...they sure have failed that task in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina! I am not interested in being another New Orleans, where we are told like sheep we are safe, that Indian Point is safe until the worst case scenario DOES HAPPEN....we already lived through 9/11, that was enough for me...especially considering the NRC's dismal record of protecting Human Health and the Environment. Some of you want to complain that your comments don't get posted...then start IDENTIFYING YOURSELVES, instead of hiding like stinking fetid rats on a sinking ship. You know who I am, I want the world to know who you are...if you love NUCLEAR SO MUCH, then identify yourselves.
By the way Riverkeeper, IPSEC, Green Peace and the grassroots movement...Entergy sponsors almost every MAJOR EVENT at the Paramount Center in the City of Peekskill...why not start holding mini protests at those events to bring attention to this issue? There's one coming up at the end of a good place to start the process of SHUTTING DOWN INDIAN POINT.
Nuke-rod recycling proposed
Idea scares some, who were surprised by site’s nomination
Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Randy Ludlow
For nearly 50 years, southern Ohioans labored at a government uranium-enrichment plant, churning out the stuff of nuclear warheads and powerplant fuel rods.

The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant left a Cold War legacy of nearly 3,000 workers sick or dead from radiationrelated cancers and other illnesses.

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