Friday, January 5, 2007

A National Call To Action...Host Communities for Failing Reactors Need To UNITE AS ONE

The Constitution of The United States of America combined with the Bill of Rights guarantee Americans certain rights, regardless of what George Bush would have us believe.
One of those rights, is to seek REDRESS via the United States House of Representatives. For far too long, the citizens forced to play host to Nuclear Reactors, such as Entergy's Indian Point or Vermont Yankee have been isolated, forced if you will to act locally while the Nuclear Industry and the NRC rape our communities, spoil our environment, and force us to accept wrong sighted and potentially catastrophic rubber stamping of re licensing applications.

It has long been said and alleged, that the NRC is in the pockets of the Nuclear Industry, that they put their licensees financial interests ahead of the health and safety of citizens in the host communities...never has this fact been more obvious than in the Dog and Pony shows being held to re license almost every aging and decrepit Nuclear Reactor in America...but, this time we have proof, the trail of a deliberate and devious plan to force Nuclear onto the people of America, to rubber stamp the entire re licensing process at these Nuclear Facilities.

The mock public hearings, the song and dance of the process are FALSE, the decisions already made before the paperwork was/is filed. Fire up your GOOGLE search engines, and start piecing together the story. CASEnergy, World Nuclear Association (WNA), DOE-Nuclear 2010, Atlanta 7 and NuStart, Entergy, are just some of the searches that will start telling you the story of turning Nuclear Green, and forcing nuclear upon the unsuspecting masses for at least another century, unless we die before then from a nuclear incident...don't you love that soft sound descriptor of nuclear holocaust? As it is, 50 percent of the population lives within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor...well, for the NIMBY crowd, the time has come for you to join those of us in the No Nuke's fight, as a nuclear reactor is coming to your back yard sooner rather than later, as DOE, NEI, NRC and the money changers in the Nuclear Industry have already decided to re license almost every reactor in America to buy them the time they need to build and deploy a whole new fleet of as many as FOUR HUNDRED MORE of these death traps!

Divide and conquer has been the rule of the day...each reactor site carefully sequestered into a separate LLC so that most of us DO NOT HAVE STANDING, our comments given nothing more than a cursory glance by egomaniacs like the self absorbed and arrogant Neil Sheehan, the turkey gobbler swallower of NRC Region One who far prefers spending his time sequestered away in secret with company hacks than listening to the litany of real concerns from members of the General Public. Divide and conquer so that the cumulative effects of wide spread mismanagement and intimidation on the part of the Entergy management staff is mitigated by keeping the records separate, singular to each separate reactor. Follow the game plan, if the licensee cannot meet the criteria, change the criteria, or exclude the problem areas, such as the NRC deciding to eliminate from inclusion in the re licensing decisions spent fuel, impacts to aquatic life, and topped off by stating ALL DESIGN FLAWS at reactors such as Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim would be GRAND FATHERED IN, so as not to be an issue of contention in the re licensing process.

Access to documents denied us on such issues as security would PROVE that the NRC, DOE, George Bush and the Nuclear Industry have conspired to RUBBER STAMP the wide spread re licensing of aging and failing reactors in the name of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, regardless of the risk to OUR human health, and the environment...IE, look at the recent extension of the Price Waterhouse Act. WE in the eyes of the Nuclear Industry, in the eyes of the NRC, in the eyes of the DOE, in the eyes of NEI are EXPENDABLE.

We the people are being laughed at, the three card Monty street scam is on, and every host community in America is A MARK...well, it is time that we change the game, turn the tables on the NRC and on the Nuclear Industry.

First, we as host communities of these flawed and dangerous reactors need to join forces, team together to fight the beast. If we put together a petition for redress as a cohesive group representing the peoples of every town and city being forced to live within the shadow of death of these reactors, Congress CANNOT IGNORE US...there is an election in two years, and they will have no choice but to act on our petition, or know they will be voted out of office in 2008. New York's 19th district Congressman John Hall got elected partially because of his stand on Indian Point, his promise to SHUT IT DOWN. Maurice Hinchey has said he opposes re licensing as well, as has our new Governor, Eliot Spitzer, yet in the past six years almost EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS has been tossed into the laps of the Nuclear Industry...we want IMMEDIATE investigations open, and we want all RE LICENSING PETITIONS put on hold until after said investigations are complete. Until this conspiracy to deceive the public of the host communities, and corrupt the re licensing process is exposed, and those involved prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We do not stop there...we file a class action lawsuit not just for one community, but for all 104 communities being forced to accept a risk they did not bargain for, should not have to accept....THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS. No longer would the Entergy's of the world be allowed to mitigate their mistakes, as such a lawsuit would have all their mistakes WEIGHED AS A WHOLE, instead of individual parts separated by a conveniently paper thin LLC separating the mother company from it's Rosemary's babies.

Citizens living in the shadow of Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Indian Point and other reactor communities all joining as one... if Neil Sheehan wants to piously suggest we take our complaints to the NRC's Office of the Inspector General, lets do it, and not just one complaint, but thousands, even tens of thousands as we hold meetings to help individual citizens drown the agency, Entergy and the Nuclear Industry under a barrage of our indignation and frustration. Hearings...lets demand them, not just on the re licensing, but on the ENTIRE SHAM that is the re licensing process. It's easy for the NRC to put off and ignore a small group of citizens in each community when they stand alone, but when you put those 20,30 or 40 citizens together with the same number of citizens from the other 103 communities being forced to play host to these death machines, we become a force that can no longer be ignored by the NRC, and by our elected officials. Think about it folks...we can hold the futures of 104 Congressman or Women in our collective hands, perhaps even more...that is a grassroots movement that could not be ignored when we file a petition for redress.

As Arlo Guthrie would say, we are talking a movement, the ANTI RE LICENSING MOVEMENT, and all you have to do to join is sing along...join the force, become part of a NATIONWIDE TEAM that can shut down these reactors, can hold the NRC accountable for their crimes.

To start this movement, the Green Nuclear Butterfly will open up it's blog space to any ANTI NUCLEAR person wanting to get a message out to the world about their own reactor problems...our time of living in the shadows, isolated from those like ourselves has got to come to end. As a team, we can win this fight, but as individual singular communities, we will be mowed down by the Nuclear Industry, and their protectorate, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The time has come for us to NETWORK NATIONWIDE to shut down failing reactors, network to hold the NRC accountable for their crimes against humanity.

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