Thursday, January 4, 2007

To Our Readers-Attacking Comments

NUKLEAR...yeah, we have our fingers in that pie...let's FUND IT.
Green Nuclear Butterfly
is getting what can only be described as HATE MAIL in the form of comments waiting for moderation...those comments WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED to this blog. Further, the content of those comments show that someone is tracking down intimate details of the PRIVATE LIVES of our writing staff, creating comments that identify with very specific detail that our blog staff have come under surveillance from someone(s) that want to SHUT US DOWN. Those posts will not be posted, and if they continue, will be turned over to law enforcement.
Comments ON TARGET to the post, even if expressing alternative views will be welcome and posted. To help our staff in identifying those using force and intimidation against us, the comments section is going to be closed to all that refuse to provide a viable email address if these attacks from Pro Nuclear Industry hacks continue.
To the one HATE POSTER...yes, your comment has been REJECTED. To your subject of the LOST JOBS...decommissioning a Nuclear Reactor is a decades long process that brings with it jobs. Further, the alternative energies that could be employed to replace Indian Point would bring jobs to the area. Discussion of alternative energy sources...such as wind and solar? Perhaps if George Bush were not throwing Billions of dollars at the Nuclear Industry with his Nuclear 2010 program, many of those alternative energies options could be much further down the road to reality. It's time that our taxes STOP SUBSIDIZING the fatally flawed Nuclear Industry, and instead those monies should be funneled into other alternative energy research that does not KILL.

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