Monday, March 12, 2007

Chirac Quits... French Pro-Nuclear Swine!

If anyone speaks the tongue of frogs, saw his bow out speech last night on television, you will have picked up on his renewed commitment to a green future for la belle France uttered in the same breath as his renewed glowing praise for nuclear power as a clean, green means of electrical generation, the solution to global warming.

Face it, the man, a Georges Pompidou spawn, who while kicking the S.H.A.P.E. out of France, allowed Westinghouse the run of the House of Baguette and Cheese, to build what is now the greatest nuclear threat looming large, so large French anti-nuclear demonstrators get sent straight to jail.

France is sitting on a nuclear powder keg of aging reactors and nuclear waste... leaking, dangerous plants, renewed rumors of lethal accidents going unreported by the mainstream press... it's only a matter of time before one of France's 58 reactors goes critical and bathes all of Europe in a catastrophe of Gargantuan proportions.

Jacques Chirac wants official recognition from the European Union of nukes as a clean, green energy source, this while Germany, Spain and Austria are fiercely anti-nuclear, committed to solar and wind, desperately seeking suitable battery storage chemistry, now in limbo in the black labs at MIT.

Yet the European Union last week already agreed to embrace the nuclear option in a battle to save the planet, as a desperate measure of ignorance and greed, to preserve the powers that be in the seat of supreme autocracy. The reason why I left France, and am here, 30 years later, having foreseen this, asserting myself as a leader in the American anti-nuclear community.

This is an issue that could split Europe in two, again, as well as the whole world... if we're not careful. Anti vs Pro nuclear sentiments are paramount to religious zeal in many people, and societies... those who understand the subtle energies of nature and those who do not! Those who would have us poison the whole world for a quick return on investment, and those who would have us reduce our energy consumption and start on the path of planetary restoration.

We're in dire straights here, and it concerns Indian Point, because what happens on the Hudson, with the Indian Point relicensing, will reflect on the entire survival, of the aging, failing, nuclear industry all over the globe, not just here. I left France in the early 70's. As a child, I was in the same room as Pompidou, I witnessed him hand over my father's land to the ugly Westinghouse Americans... the corporate swine who transformed France into a nuclear waste dump!

To say that nuclear power is cleaner than oil, gas or coal, shows an absurd miscomprehension of the issues involved, an absurd lack of understanding of what radioactivity really is, how it affects all life on earth, energy fields, our genes. The anti-nuclear community in this country knew the score 30 years ago, it still does today... but it's been asleep at the wheel, brow beaten by the millions of dollars spent by the Utilities brainwashing school children into believing the nuclear industry is clean and green... this while a civilian independent safety assessment team can't even enter a nuclear power plant to visit, not so much for fear of terrorism, but for fear of finding out what is really going on... leaking fuel pools, rupturing weld joints... contamination on the order of which mankind has never seen before, seeping into everything, insidiously polluting the air, the water, the land.

The nuclear thugs in the European Union, in league with the international nuclear industrial complex, contemplating an end to their reign of oil and coal terror on mankind, are desperately trying to cling to world supremacy by perpetuating the nuclear nightmare as a guise to preserve their control over international institutions.

It's a ploy... It's a ruse... and I hope the good people of Rockland and Westchester County, as well as the good people of Fairfield County and Manhattan, will not fall for this insanity of cosmic proportion perpetuated upon them. We can end it here, right here, right now, by preventing Indian Point its relicense. Turn the criminal tide of multinational corporate tyranny against nature.

Give the land Indian Point sits on back to the Native Americans to who it belongs. Give America back to its people. Free Leonard Peltier, the way we freed Mandela!!! Have a heart America... Genocide on an entire civilization... then making them sick with uranium mining, giving them red bricks made of uranium tailings, to make homes, to annihilate them... Listen to your conscience good people of Peekskill... Go to the Peekskill Museum... remember who you are, where you are... remember who this land once belonged to!

Save The Planet is the slogan that sits on top the Hard Rock Cafe logo, the Hard Rock now owned by the Seminole Indians of Florida, who never signed a peace treaty with the U.S. Government, who vowed to buy back their land, one burger at a time. This is war, don't kid yourself... We re-empowered the Indian Nation with the means to fleece back the white man... rob him blind... and use the profits to restore this land.

It's too late for the quiet, peaceful not-in-my-backyard resolution of IPSEC... a wind is slowly blowing up the Hudson... a wind of change the likes of which humanity has not seen in a long, long time... a song of reason and love and reverence for this earth, for this land... a song Pete Seeger sang his whole entire life... musicians, who feel, troubadours who weave tales of emotion, of renewed hope and inspiration, who for decades sang at the Clearwater festival... dreaming this day would finally come.

Close down Indian Point. Do it for reason. For respect. For reconsideration. Let the French stew in the poisoned juices of their own pathetic failed imperialist ambitions. Don't let this sad little country sink us into a third World War over Protons and Poetry. Give it up, stand down. Let us be. Let Amerika be!

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